IAI Expands Tactical UAV Exercise, Acquires 50% of BlueBird Aero Methods – Drones Information


IAI today signed an agreement to acquire 50% of the equity of BlueBird Aero Systems. BlueBird, a leading UAS developer and integrator in the field of small tactics, has provided solutions to Israeli forces and customers around the world for nearly two decades. As part of the transaction, IAI is acquiring the stakes in Piramal Technologies SA from India as well as further shares in Fiberless Access and Ronen Nadir. Ronen Nadir will continue to own 50% of BlueBird shares and continue to serve as CEO of the company.

In recent years, both IAI and BlueBird have focused on vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) functions, a category that offers significant advantages to the ground and naval forces. BlueBird has developed several advanced VTOL platforms including WanderB-VTOL and ThunderB-VTOL. The company recently sold more than 70 of the named systems to an undisclosed customer. Together with Bluebird, IAI plans to bring innovative and breakthrough VTOL technologies to market.

This acquisition is part of the implementation of the IAI strategy in the UAS sector and represents a significant potential that IAI sees in the small tactical UAS market for military, HLS and commercial applications. The acquisition will enable IAI to increase its business and revenue, accelerate technological development while reducing costs, reducing time to market and improving competitiveness.

Ronen Nadir, CEO of BlueBird Aero Systems, said, β€œBluebird brings advanced technological capabilities to the small tactical UAS world and has been fortunate to ship its systems to numerous customers around the world. Together with the enormous technological and innovative capabilities of IAI as well as its infrastructure and its access to the world market, we will continue to expand the company and increase its market share. I am delighted with IAI’s decision to become part of BlueBird and would like to thank the BlueBird team for their support and dedication over the years. “

Moshe Levy, IAI EVP and General Manager of the IAI Military Aircraft Groupsaid: β€œIAI’s UAV experience spans nearly 50 years. During this time, IAI has focused on adapting its developments to the needs of the field and the market. The acquisition of BlueBird is an implementation of this strategy and provides us with an important step forward in developing the next IAI UAV family. The combined companies will offer a broader portfolio of VTOL products with advanced technological advantages at competitive prices. “

BlueBird Aero Systems was founded in 2002 and is a dominant player in the UAS industry. BlueBird specializes in the design, development and production of micro, mini and tactical UAS and peripheral devices and offers exceptional, field-proven solutions to the challenges of the military, homeland security and civilian markets. BlueBird’s advanced UAV systems, in service in Israel and worldwide since 2006, have over 52,000 sorties and support in open space, as well as urban scenarios and Tactical Mapping On Demand (TMOD) for military, HLS, peacekeeping conflicts with low Intensity carried out. Security, disaster management, law enforcement, search and rescue, and commercial applications.

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