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Mumbai, India – September 22, 2020: ideaForge, India’s largest manufacturer of drones for defense, homeland security and industrial applications, has launched its new RYNO drone, a micro-category (<2kg) survey drone designed and specialized for high-precision mapping applications. It enables users to perform highly efficient land surveying operations to develop accurate maps and 3D models. IdeaForge's family of surveying micro-drones meet all of the stringent specifications set by Survey of India (SOI), India's premier mapping agency. SOI has qualified ideaForge's family of survey-grade micro-drones to map India's diverse and challenging landscape under the country's Swamitva Yojana, the largest drone-guided mapping project in the world.

RYNO UAV is equipped with an advanced mapping payload and a state-of-the-art PPK module to achieve superior accuracy at the centimeter level. The drone offers a typical X, Y accuracy of <5 cm at 60 m AGL and a typical Z accuracy of <10 cm at 60 m AGL under real conditions. The drone beats its weight with a flight time of over 40 minutes and a range of up to 4 km. With a minimum area of ​​1 km². With 120m AGL (for UAOP holders in India) per flight, RYNO UAV ensures mapping projects are completed faster. In fact, the performance of this UAV is comparable to higher and much more expensive categories of drones.

As a micro-category drone, RYNO UAV has the lowest training requirements under civil aviation rules. With its affordability and superior performance, home surveyors and large corporations in industries such as oil and gas, renewable energy, power generation, mining, manufacturing and construction can create highly accurate detailed maps and 3D models for excellent operational performance on mapping projects. The UAV is also NPNT capable to ensure compliance with Indian drone regulations.

Ankit Mehta, CEO of ideaForge, commented on the product launch: “We are determined to develop an Atmanirbhar Bharat and build Made in India drones for the world. RYNO UAV is our first specialized mapping drone and we are extremely pleased with the fact that SOI qualified our micro drone for mapping Indian villages. For us, this is the greatest endorsement of the drone’s capabilities and its ability to operate flawlessly anywhere in the world. We are confident that with RYNO UAV’s expertise in delivering superior and reliable results, we have raised the bar in industrial drone technology for mapping applications. “

Under the Indian Swamitva Yojana, over 660,000 villages are mapped with the specially developed MICRO drones from ideaForge. The results will be used to produce high resolution maps to keep accurate land records for all villages. This will help resolve a large number of ongoing property disputes and ease due diligence when buying and selling land. The project is also a critical step in establishing India as a drone superpower as it will strengthen the local drone ecosystem and create thousands of jobs in the industry.

About ideaForge

IdeaForge is based on a strong foundation of interdisciplinary engineering and has developed into a global leader in UAV technology. The drones offer world-class performance and reliability and are widely used for defense, homeland security, and enterprise applications. In India, ideaForge has by far the largest market share in the security and surveillance market for domestic drones. The organization has deployed over 800 systems and trained over 1,300 pilots in service, including Indian Defense Forces, Central Armed Forces, and police forces from several Indian states. ideaForge has a diverse list of industrial customers in industries such as construction and heavy machinery, energy and utilities, transportation and logistics, mining and many more. More information is available at


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