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New Delhi, Delhi, India

Soon, you may be able to order food at your favorite restaurant 30km away and have it drone to your home in under 30 minutes.

So far, drones have mainly been used for videography and surveillance. But a recent change in the government. The regulations will now allow long-range drone-based deliveries such as: B. Grocery delivery, online buying, medicine and blood emergency delivery on a large scale across India.

The civil aviation and home affairs ministries have moved at a remarkable rate, allowing some select companies to go beyond drone line-of-sight operations. Many well-known players in the UAV industry couldn’t make the list due to the government’s strict technology and safety requirements.

ShopX has come up with an innovative drone “AirTrainConcept for just-in-time delivery across Indian B2B value chains. This enables small retailers to “Delivery of dronesAs a delivery option and get a wide range of products delivered to them within 30-60 minutes. Currently, these stores are limited by what they can carry in their limited shelf space, and traditional supply chains typically meet their needs once a week. With AirTrain, they can fulfill products in real time, increasing their merchandising ability and sales. ShopX already operates one of the largest eB2B retail networks in the country with over 2 lakh retailers on its technology platform.

Omnipresent has a solid background in this field. They had previously carried out sample drone deliveries for drugs for the AIIMS hospital in Delhi. ShopX and Omnipresent had jointly carried out test deliveries in ShopX warehouses. Omnipresent has also developed an in-house AI engine called The Nerve center This enables intelligent planning planning and classification on board the drone.

They are already occupied by over 7 state governments. Drone-based services agencies for agriculture, telecommunications, oil refineries, factories, and surveying applications. They have done over 1 acre of farming and city mapping. “Our drones have now been used in almost every state in India. They were especially useful in dramatically improving the production of industrial factories by giving them actionable insights into structural damage, theft, accurate inventory, 3D virtual tours, and accurate mapping. We were also recently recognized as one of the top five UAV companies selected by the Union Department of Agriculture for precision spraying permission to tackle the recent drone locust attack, ”he said Aakash Sinha,

Founder of Omnipresent Tech. Aakash is an MS Robotics graduate from Carnegie Mellon under the direction of Dr. Raj Reddy, who was formerly President of the American Society of AI. He was also an ex-IT / AI advisor to the US President. Aakash was also awarded TR35 (35 under 35) by MIT. The winners of this illustrious award include top innovators such as Zuckerberg and Gates. Omnipresent had also developed AI software for navigating Prgyaan Rover on Chandrayaan mission. They also made their contribution to the environment with their drone boat (ro-boat) for the Clean Ganga mission.

“With our partnership with Omnipresent, we aim to bring India to the forefront of real-world use of drone technology today and intend to disrupt the supply chain significantly, especially for retail,” he said Amit Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of ShopX.

The government is moving at record speed and has eased most of the drone regulations for commercial operations through trusted service providers. It supports BVLOS operations and creates an automated Digital Sky platform with which authorized drone operators can fly in almost 80% of India (green and yellow zones) with automated online authorization processes in real time. This would lead to exponential growth in the drone market as a variety of uses related to ecom, grocery delivery, and cross-border mapping of highways, power lines, railways, etc. will grow to around $ 2 billion over the next three years. 4 years in India.

Aakash shares an instance from 7 years ago and remembers how they tested the feasibility of drone deliveries for Jabong at the behest of that time MD and Co-Founder, Praveen Sinha. “He told us that drone deliveries would disrupt the country’s retail logistics space once we could overcome the technological and regulatory bottlenecks of the time. 7 years later, his prediction applies. “

When asked about the potential of drone deliveries, Praveen Sinha said that technology is always key to accelerating a sector and that so is retail. “A decade ago, e-commerce was in its infancy in India, and here we are at a stage where drone shipments are becoming a reality. As soon as drone deliveries and 3D printing become economically viable, we will see a disruption in the supply chain that no one imagined, ”he concluded.

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