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With a sudden surge in demand for drone solutions and services, the Indian Institute of Drones has launched a brand new training program called the Multi-Rotor Drone Engineering Course.

Today’s generation of students is slowly moving from conventional engineering courses to bespoke courses that focus on new technologies. The multi-rotor drone engineering course is tailor-made
the requirements of technology enthusiasts.

Covering a variety of topics such as drone terminology and types, assembling a multi-rotor, introduction to the ground control station, and using artificial intelligence in drones; The course gives the student a thorough understanding of the technology behind a multi-rotor drone.

The student gets practical experience with assembling multiple rotors
Subject teachers and learn how to fix technical problems, learn emergency
Procedures and get detailed information about the drone market.

The multi-rotor drone engineering course will help you improve your engineering skills
This will come in handy for getting a job in the drone industry. This is a tremendous opportunity
for the current generation of students to ride the wave of drone technology
Spread all over India.

For more information on this course, please visit

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