Indiana Division of Correction Chosen AeroDefense’s AirWarden Drone Detection System After Check and Analysis – Drones Information


AirWarden helps curb the increase in contraband shipments from drones by providing early warning about the location of drones and pilots with low false alarm rates.

The Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) will deploy AeroDefense’s AirWarden ™ drone and pilot detection, location and tracking system in two locations and four facilities reduce and ultimately prevent Drug, cell phone and other drone smuggling attempts.

Drone delivery of contraband is a problem that most prisons face with varying frequencies and these operations are often highly coordinated with multiple pilots and drones. IDOC saw an increase in drone sightings and urged AeroDefense to demonstrate the effectiveness of AirWarden in one of their facilities.

“We found that the AirWarden system is very good consistent and accurate in detecting and locating drones and their controllers. Its ability to identify both commercially available and homemade drones This was a clear decision for us, ”said Cory Winters, Director Facility Technology at IDOC. He continued, “By working with AeroDefense, we’ve seen their commitment to excellent customer service and meeting the specific needs of the penal system. They provided us with a system that met our need for quick and accurate detection accurate and effective reporting. ”

Unlike many drone detection systems on the market, AirWarden recognizes and locates the drone and the pilot (controller) at the same time. Often times, this can be achieved once the devices connect. In addition, AeroDefense is very behaving thorough testing and calibration processes with its customers to reduce false positives that can lead to desensitization of the response team.

Linda Ziemba, Founder and CEO of AeroDefense, said: “We are confident that our technology, combined with IDOC’s response plans, will result in a significant decrease and possibly the complete elimination of unauthorized drone flights at both locations.” Earlier this month IDOC attended the opening of AeroDefense Roundtable on the correction of drones This is where AirWarden end users shared valuable insights and experiences.

About AeroDefense: AeroDefense offers fixed and mobile solutions for the detection of drones and pilots in correctional facilities, stadiums, critical infrastructures and other high value targets. AirWarden ™, AeroDefense’s drone and pilot detection, location and tracking system, detects radio frequency drone (RF) signals, locates drones and pilots simultaneously, and continuously tracks and alerts device positions. No legal permit is required to operate the system. AeroDefense, based in Holmdel, NJ, USA, is a privately held, women-owned company. AirWarden is the first and only drone detection solution to receive the Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act development test and evaluation award.

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