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London, United Kingdom: Altitude Angel, the global leader in Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) technology, announced today that survey and inspection provider Iprosurv has embedded Altitude Angel’s market-leading data into its flight mapping solutions.

Founded in 2014, Iprosurv is considered a key company in promoting and implementing many of the drone applications we see today in various markets and industries. With a network of drone pilots made up of field experts from across the UK, Iprosurv can provide valuable visual and data insights to customers from all industries.

Iprosurv will embed Altitude Angel’s groundbreaking airspace map, DroneSafetyMap, into its internal pilot portal to provide Iprosurv’s network of UAV operators with a one-stop-shop platform to assess the risk associated with each operation prior to arriving on site. A detailed area report and hazard assessment are also generated using Altitude Angel’s innovative Area Report API, which provides additional safety information that is critical to maintaining safety and reducing risk.

The platform will also assist drone operators in submitting flight reports and improve the visibility of drone operations through Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM as Iprosurv expands operations across the UK and internationally.

Commenting on the partnership with Iprosurv, Richard Ellis, Altitude Angel’s Chief Business Officer said, “The Iprosurv team shares the same business vision and values ​​as Altitude Angel. We want our customers to be as well informed as possible. By integrating Altitude Angel data into the platform, we know that Iprosurv is getting the best possible data in the air and on the ground. “

Rebecca Jones, Iprosurv, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, added, “We are excited to partner with Altitude Angel.

“As a national provider of drone services, Iprosurv must do its part to promote the safe operation of drones by working with regulators and industry experts. As part of this, we were looking for a partner who could provide accurate real-time data to improve our offering in a way that not only complies with current regulations but helps shape future ones, and Altitude Angel met all of the criteria.

“If Iprosurv pushes its international ambitions, we can do so with Altitude Angel in a way that is informed, secure and completely transparent to all relevant regulators. We have always tried to push the boundaries of what commercial drones can do, and this partnership is another step forward for Iprosurv and the wider commercial drone community. “

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