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Born out of the University of Pennsylvania’s robotics lab, IQ Motion Control is a technology startup that delivers the ultimate drone motor module for versatility and performance. In the robotics community, we received recognition for our anticogging technology for the first time. Since then, we have developed advanced motion control systems that enable our electric motors to achieve greater performance and efficiency, as well as superior speed and position control. Six years of development allows us to incorporate both public and proprietary algorithms to achieve maximum engine performance.

The roots of IQ can be traced back to 2010 when founder and CEO Matthew Piccoli did his PhD at Modlab, part of the GRASP laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania. He began working on a project that eventually led to the creation of a single-engine aircraft called the UN. Matt knew he needed to pulse the motor quickly to control the single-engine aircraft, and so looked in the industrial and hobby world for motor controls with high bandwidth, high power, and light weight. They didn’t exist, so he decided to make his own. The IQ motor module emerged from this project and is now the first commercially available sensor drone module.

The first drone motor with position detection

The IQ motor module is an integrated motor and controller with an integrated position sensor. With position sensing and advanced calibration and control algorithms, IQ can optimize engine performance and give users unparalleled control over their vehicles and machines. The drone industry has relied on hobby-quality motors and controls for too long. Now, IQ brings advanced motor control to the drone industry and other robotics industries at an affordable price.

IQ motors support serial communication as well as standard hobby protocols, so you can easily integrate them into your vehicle. Whether you are an engineer testing our motors for commercial use or a manufacturer / pilot using them in a personal drone, IQ motors provide professional, high-end performance.

What can you do with IQ motor modules?

Speed ​​applications

FPV Drone Racing and Acrobatics

The IQ Vertiq 2306 2200KV is ideal for FPV pilots who want faster throttle response, better maneuverability and higher peak RPM. Check out some demos.

Vertical takeoff and landing

Highly efficient engines are even more important in VTOL applications. The Vertiq 2306 2200KV is much more efficient at lower speeds compared to standard motor / ESC combinations.

New UAVs

IQ motors are freed from the restriction of turning in one direction and enable a completely new drone technology. We are excited to see what our supporters will come up with.

Other rc vehicles

Although our high-speed motors and controls are designed for multicopters, they are great for everything from RC planes to cars to battlebots.

Precision applications

Robotic arms

An IQ Vertiq 2306 220KV motor can be used to actuate the movement on each joint, giving a robotic arm smooth and precise movement

3D printers and CNCs

Our technology is ideal for linear machines. IQ motors are quieter, quieter and more efficient than stepper motors and never skip a step or get lost.


A closed position control and a movement against gear formation can make cardanic systems extremely smooth and stable.

Prototype of industrial machinery and medical devices

High speed, precision motors and controls can cost thousands of dollars. Test our motors in your prototype to save money without compromising performance. We plan to manufacture motors for industry and medicine soon.

Maker projects

Because our motors are easily programmable and versatile, they can be used in so many different applications that we may not be able to imagine all of them. We can’t wait to see what our supporters dream of. Http:// Title = 0 & byline = 0 & portrait = 0 & api = 1

IQ motors in drone action

Fast prop reversal and super responsiveness

Precision rotor interlacing

Fly upside down



Features and specifications


Microcontroller 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU at 64 MHz
Engine dimensions 28.4 mm diameter, 22 mm height
Stator dimensions 23 mm diameter, 6 mm height
Shaft diameter 2mm inside diameter, 5mm outside diameter, 5mm post
Weight (motor without cable) 35.2 g
Weight (motor with wires + connectors) 43.1 g
Weight (propeller adapter + nut) 2.6 g
Motor KV options 2200 RPM, 220 RPM / V.
Maximum continuous motor current of 2200 kV (10 s) 30 A.
Maximum immediate motor current 2200 KV (50 ms) 60 A.
Maximum continuous motor current of 220 kV (10 s) 3 A.
Maximum motor current 220 kV (50 ms) 6 A.
Voltage (maximum number of lipo cells) 17 V (4S)

The preliminary data sheet of the speed module can be found here.


  • Improved controllability
    • Speed ​​and position control with adjustable PID + feedforward
    • 3D reversible, no delay in crossing zero
    • No start-up or backward jitter
    • Anti-cogging: smoother flight, reduced vehicle vibrations
    • 40 ms response time
  • Increase in performance and efficiency
    • Sinus commutation (up to 20% extend the battery life)
    • Trapezoidal commutation (4.8% more shaft power)
  • More advanced functions
    • Regenerative and active braking
    • Active freewheel
    • Overcurrent protection
    • Communication protocols (serial, Dshot1200 and standard PWM)
    • Telemetry capability (voltage, current, speed)
    • Fast FET switching, use of gate drivers
    • Sensory vector control with room vector PWM
    • Controller-motor integration

Speed ​​firmware

The speed firmware is specially designed for propelling propellers or target speed applications. This firmware speaks all common communication protocols, including 1-2 ms PWM, Oneshot (125, 42), Multishot and DShot (150, 300, 600, 1200) as well as IQ’s UART protocol.

Position the firmware

The position firmware has a position controller that enables positioning with one rotation and positioning with several rotations. The built-in trajectory generator for minimal jerk ensures smooth movement with minimal user effort. It speaks step / direction and the UART protocol from IQ.

Note: We provide both position and speed firmware so that users can flash the controllers with the other firmware if needed. We are going to do an update that explains how to change firmware if you want the position firmware on an IQ speed module or vice versa.


Drone Motor Setups: IQ Vertiq 2306 2200KV vs. competition

Specifications IQ motor modules Drone setup # 1 Drone setup # 2 Drone setup # 3
engine Integrated Tiger engine F40III – 2400KV Turnigy D2206-2300KV 31g Brushless Motor CW ZTW Black Widow 2206 2200KV with built-in ESC CW
Electronic cruise control (ESC) Integrated 32A Kiss ESC Turnigy MultiStar 30A BLHeli-S Rev16 V3 ESC 2 ~ 4S (Opto) Integrated
Motor dimensions (diameter / height) (LxWxD) (mm) 28.4 / 22 28.4 / 17 28 / 19.5 27.5 / 21.4
ESC dimensions (length / width) (mm) Integrated 27/19 28/13 Integrated
Weight RTF¹ / RTU (g) 45.7 46.6 41.2 41.6
Motor KV (axle drive) (rpm / V) 2200 & 220 2400 2300 2200
Shaft Diameter (ID / OD / Prop) (mm) 02/05/2005 1.6 / 4/5 – / 3/5 – / 3/5
Voltage (V) / number of lipo cells (S) 16.8 / 4 30/6 16.8 / 4 12.6 / 3
Maximum speed (no load) (rpm) 37000 & 3700 71000 39000 28000
Min. Speed ​​(rpm) 0 ~ 1000 ~ 1000 ~ 1000
transmission No No No No
Torque (blocked, continuous) (Nm) 0.04 N / A N / A N / A
Maximum continuous current (A) 30 & 3 32 30th 18th
Maximum current surge (A) 60 & 6 45 35 28
Reversibility (3D mode) Yes Yes² No No
Cruise control Yes (voltage / PWM) Yes (PWM) Yes (PWM) Yes (PWM)
Cruise control Yes (PID + FF) No No No
Reversible Yes N / A N / A N / A
Regenerative and active braking Yes Yes Yes No
Active freewheel Yes Yes Yes No
Overcurrent protection Yes Yes No No
Built-in controller / ESC Yes No No Yes
Sinusoidal (vibration-free) Yes Yes (<90% gas) No No
Price (Quantity 1) (USD) 80 54.89 May 18 28.63

¹ With 150 mm wires, XT-30 power connector, servo connector
² Start jitter when changing direction

Position motor settings: IQ Vertiq 2306 220KV vs. competition

Specifications IQ motor modules Position setup # 1 Position setup # 2 Position setup # 3
engine Integrated Nema 11 11HS12-0956D Power HD 3001HB Dynamixel AX-18A
driver Integrated TB6612 stepper motor driver breakout Integrated Integrated
Regulator Integrated Arduino Pro Mini 328 Integrated Integrated
Motor dimensions (diameter / height) (LxWxD) (mm) 28.4 / 22 28.2 x 28.2 x 31.5 20.5 x 54.5 x 39.5 32 x 50 x 40
ESC dimensions (length / width) (mm) Integrated 27/19 + 33/18 Integrated Integrated
Weight RTF¹ / RTU (g) 45.7 > 110 43 54.5
Motor KV (axle drive) (rpm / V) 2200 & 220 211 14th 8th
Shaft Diameter (ID / OD / Prop) (mm) 02/05/2005 – / 5 / – N / A N / A
Voltage (V) / number of lipo cells (S) 16.8 / 4 13.5 / 3 6 / – 12.6 / 3
Maximum speed (no load) (rpm) 37000 & 3700 2800 83 97
Min. Speed ​​(rpm) 0 0 0 0
transmission No No 240: 1 254: 1
Torque (blocked, continuous) (Nm) 0.04 0.04 0.43 1.8
Maximum continuous current (A) 30 & 3 1 0.9 2.2
Maximum current surge (A) 60 & 6 N / A N / A N / A
Reversibility (3D mode) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Position control Yes Yes No No
Position control Yes No Yes (165 °) Yes (300 °)
Closed loop multi-speed position control Yes No No No
Trajectory generation Yes No No No
Reversible Yes Yes² No No
Regenerative and active braking Yes No Yes Yes
Active freewheel Yes No N / A N / A
Overcurrent protection Yes Yes No Yes
Built-in controller / ESC Yes No Yes Yes
Sinusoidal (vibration-free) Yes No N / A N / A
Price (Quantity 1) (USD) 80 29.53 9.95 94.9

¹ With 150 mm wires, XT-30 power connector, servo connector
² Position information is lost

Shipping & fulfillment

Crowd Supply takes over the entire fulfillment and logistics. Therefore, all orders are shipped from their Texas warehouse in the US. For more information on ordering and shipping policies, see the Crowd Supply Guide.

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