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Avidrone Aerospace is supplying Iris Automation’s Casia for Safe Operation Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS) for the delivery of UAS cargo over long distances

San Francisco (August 2020) – Iris Automation today announced that Avidrone Aerospace, a leading OEM of long-haul, cargo delivery and sensor payload aircraft and autopilot systems, has been selected as the exclusive Airborne Detect and Avoid (DAA) provider. The partnership enables Avidrone customers to operate Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) flights for commercial delivery operations.

Iris Automation’s Casia is the first integrated DAA solution that enables commercial BVLOS operation for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The system enables a UAS to see and respond to the aviation environment around the aircraft. Casia detects other aircraft, classifies them using computer vision algorithms, makes intelligent decisions about the threat they may pose to the drone, then issues a warning to the pilot in charge and automates maneuvers to safely avoid collisions.

Avidrone Aerospace designs and manufactures complete aircraft and proprietary autopilot systems that enable air applications that achieve new levels of range, payload and performance. The fully automatic tandem rotor from Avidrone is 10 times more powerful than the average drone – with a payload of 25 kg, a range of 120 km, a top speed of 100 km / h and a flight time of 1.3 hours.

The partnership opens up a multitude of new use cases for commercial airspace applications that are looking for new ways to move goods, replenish and measure assets by drone.

“The combination of the capabilities of Avidrone and Iris Automation brings a new set of advanced DAA delivery operations that the industry is demanding,” said Scott Gray, CEO of Avidrone Aerospace. “This partnership further reduces the bureaucratic effort for a large number of new commercial transactions – the full BVLOS capabilities for which our tandem rotor heavy-duty drones were specially developed.”

Starting today, Avidrone offers the option to immediately integrate Casia with all drone platforms. Together, the two companies offer their customers an all-in-one package for advanced missions, including secure BVLOS operations.

About Iris Automation

Iris Automation is building a computer vision-based collision avoidance system that allows drones to see the world the way pilots do. The company is based in San Francisco and is led by a team with experience at NASA, Boeing, and Nvidia, including PhD students in computer vision. Iris is a key partner in several FAA UAS integration pilot programs, a participant in NASA’s unmanned traffic management program, and a participant in Transport Canada’s BVLOS technology demonstration program.


About Avidrone Aerospace

Since 2007, Avidrone Aerospace has provided government, defense, and trade organizations with innovative UAV-based transportation and logistics solutions designed and built in North America. Avidrone Aerospace was developed, led, and manufactured by world-renowned aerospace professionals and technology innovators, and manufactures complete aircraft and autopilot systems that enable aerospace applications for industries that achieve new levels of range, payload and performance. Avidrone designs are unique in the UAS industry. They have a variable collective system with slow rotor speed that enables high speed, long range, low noise signature, stable platform for cargo delivery and sensor payloads.

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