KaiFeng KF107: GPS 4K digicam drone underneath $200


Of course, many would wish their first drone to be something versatile like the Mavic Air 2, but with only $ 200 in your pocket, you have to make some compromises. For a Drone under $ 200, the KaiFeng KF107 With a foldable design, double positioning system (GPS + optical flow), 4K camera with electronic image stabilization (EIS) and excellent battery life. According to the specified specifications, the LIPO package with 7.4 / 3000 mAh allows up to 25 minutes of flight time.

With folded arms, the KF107 drone measures 110 x 177 x 78 mm and weighs a little less than 500 grams. In addition to the frontal LED lights, there is a secondary navigation belly light for night flights.

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Design of the KF107 drone

Thanks to the fail-safe Auto-RTH future, the KaiFeng 107 automatically returns to the starting point when the battery voltage is low or outside the range of the controller. While the standard range is marketed at 1.5 km, the FPV range (live view) is only 1200 meters. Note: You need a 5G 802.11ac wireless enabled mobile device with HFun APP installed for the FPV to work with this quadcopter.

Functions and technical data of the KF107 quadcopter

  • Backpack-friendly Mavic-like foldable design;
  • GPS / Optical Flow Positioning;
  • 4K camera with remote angle adjustment and electronic image stabilization (EIS);
  • 4096 × 3072 photo and 2048 × 1088 @ 25fps video resolutions;
  • Secondary abdominal camera for bottom view;
  • 5 GHz WIFI real-time image transmission;
  • Intelligent flight modes (waypoint, orbit and follow me);
  • Failsafe RTH in case of low battery or RC signal loss;
  • Up to 1500 meters of control and 1200 meters of FPV range;
  • Approximately 25 minutes of battery life.

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