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Kespry, the leading provider of drone-based aerial intelligence solutions, announced today that The Shelly Company is using the Kespry-based aerial intelligence platform for inventory management and mine planning. The Shelly Company is a leading limestone, concrete, and asphalt pavement company in Ohio with more than 90 locations and 1,600 employees. It serves 81 of 88 counties in the state.

The Shelly Company uses Kespry to measure contours and ensure that accurate mine plans are created. It also uses Kespry to determine accurate stripping calculations and ensure that the provider’s network plans and delivers precise quantities and offers. The company also uses Kespry to conduct pre-stripping and post-stripping surveys to validate the amount of material moved. Inventory management with item weight and product volume updates is another activity The Shelly Company is doing with Kespry.

โ€œUsing Kespry helps us make informed decisions and work closely with contractors to compare stripping amounts. This ensures that we are charged the correct amount, โ€said Chris Pike, Performance Manager at The Shelly Company. โ€œKespry also gives us more control and increases efficiency. As soon as our drone has landed from a 20- to 30-minute flight, the flight data is immediately uploaded to the Kespry Cloud for processing. This only takes a few hours, depending on the size of the mission data collected. We can then view the images and customer results through the Kespry Cloud. In this way, our engineers and planners can quickly provide all important stakeholders with the data. Usually they want this information immediately and it is great to be able to provide this information quickly. With Kespry, we can sit in front of our stakeholders, review the data, show them how the calculations were done, and identify potential problems. Kespry has improved the convenience and trust in the data. “

“Kespry has made The Shelly Company’s mine planning and inventory management activities more transparent and productive than ever,” said George Mathew, CEO of Kespry. โ€œKespry takes a lot of question marks out of complex processes and helps everyone stay on the same page across the Shelly Company ecosystem. With Kespry, The Shelly Company can focus on and meet the needs and expectations of its customers, knowing that its suppliers work in sync and provide the materials they need when they need them. “

Another important reason why Shelly Company chose Kespry is its commitment to customer service, ease of use and the consultative approach to further develop its platform.

“The Kespry team asked us several times to take part in product development, for example in integrating mine planning into the platform,” said Pike. โ€œIn my opinion, this is part of the partnership and its commitment to our contribution. I also had great processing time experiences when we contacted Kespry. If for any reason a problem arises with a drone, it will be replaced within 24 to 48 hours so that our daily operations are not seriously affected. Another advantage is the user-friendly Kespry software. It is very easy for us to invite an operations manager, area manager or plant manager to view a site in the Kespry Cloud and navigate it ourselves. “

Getting employees out of the way is another positive result The Shelly Company is experiencing with Kespry.

“Kespry has definitely improved security,” said Pike. “It has reduced the need to move near high walls and ridges, especially for mine planning purposes. It will ultimately support our ongoing efforts to improve drilling and blasting safety by providing the ability to use drones to perform 3D The same goes for checking the progress of a particular mine location, if we were to use our previous ground surveying techniques with GPS rovers, people would have to get close to the toes and ridges of a surge, walk over unstable material, or in the immediate vicinity Working close to mobile devices, which may be unsafe, and Kespry has really helped in this regard as well. โ€

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