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xjet – Bruce Simpson

Amid growing concerns that recreational drones could pose a threat to manned aircraft, Kiwi drone and RC model enthusiast Bruce Simpson has developed valuable new technology to ensure that risk is minimized.

The small handheld device uses ADSB transmissions from manned aircraft to alert drone and model pilots to aircraft approaching long before they can be seen or heard.

“As an avid security advocate in the drone and RC community, I decided to capitalize on my electronics and computer software background by creating a device that has the potential to keep the skies safe,” said Simpson.

“The alarm I developed is not a magic bullet, but it is an extremely valuable tool for improving security.”

Through its very popular YouTube channels, Simpson has generated a lot of interest in the ADSB alarm and says that there is already massive demand for the device.

“I looked at the possibility of making the alarm here in New Zealand and exporting it to the rest of the world, but unfortunately the numbers don’t add up,” he said.

“Instead, I’ll be posting some DIY videos showing people how to build their own from readily available parts. This will ensure that it stays cheap enough to be used by everyone. Since the goal is security, there is no point in producing something that is unaffordable. Once the project is published, anyone can build one for under NZ $ 100 (US $ 70). “

Simpson adds, “I understand that a lot of people won’t or won’t be able to
build their own so I’m sure someone will start making and selling them to do the justice

“Few people have realized this in the past decade since they were available there
There was not a single death caused by recreational use of multi-rotor drones. This makes them the safest form of aviation that we have ever seen. “Through my work training drone users and developing new technologies, I do my best to ensure that the perfect safety record is maintained”

Drone users are now calling on the manned aviation community to make sure they do their part by equipping their aircraft with ADSB technology, which has become such an important part of safety in the 21st century. The New Zealand Civil Aviation Administration clearly agrees that ADSB is important and has already awarded over NZ $ 1 million in grants to help aircraft owners install this technology on their aircraft.

“To keep our skies safe in the age of the drone, both manned and unmanned pilots need to make changes and be aware of their responsibilities,” says Simpson. “Were
We are doing our part and it is now up to the manned aviation community to make sure they have ADSB technology on their aircraft if they want to be seen. “

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