LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini: Smallest and least expensive Mavic Air 2 clone


The LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini seems like a great option in case your 6 year old is asking about their first drone that looks like Dad’s. LS-XT6 is a quality toy Mavic Air 2 clone Available with 3 types of cameras. While the cheapest model with a 1080P camera sells for $ 32.99, the β€œmost expensive” is available for $ 42.99 with a 4K camera. All versions are packed with a storage bag.

With folded arms it measures 5 x 8 x 4 cm and weighs no more than a smartphone. According to the specified specifications, the 3.7 V / 650 mAh allows a flight time of up to 12 minutes, which is not bad for such a small bird.

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Despite its small size, the LS-XT6 Mini offers the latest features that you can get in its price range. It has high altitude, headless mode and a button take off / landing. There are also removable blade guards for more safety indoors.

LANSENXI LS-XT6 Mini Features and Specifications

  • Super compact size with foldable arms (only 8 cm);
  • Altitude hold mode for stable hovering;
  • Headless mode for easy orientation for newbies;
  • One key takeoff / landing;
  • Optional 500W (1080P), 4K or 4K + belly camera;
  • WiFi real-time image transmission;
  • 3D VR experience via the mobile app with VR glasses;
  • LED lights make flying more spectacular, especially in the dark.
  • Up to 12 minutes of battery life.

Product details

LS-XT6 mini LED front lightsLED front lightsLS-XT6 Mini folding designFolding designLS-XT6 mini camera4K cameraLS-XT6 mini batteryBattery for 12 minutes of flight timeLS-XT6 remote controlremote control

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