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Lehmann Aviation (www.lehmannaviation.com), a professional drone manufacturer for 15 years, has announced that it will be discussing the sale of its Flying Wing Drone technology and focusing its strategy on larger commercial aircraft.

As we are moving our strategy to larger drones, we are currently discussing with a few organizations that are interested in small aircraft solutions. Our fully functional system has a first class design. Discussions are ongoing to sell manufacturing tools licensed for autopilot and control software technology.

Lehmann Aviation is now developing new unmanned flight systems for logistics markets.

In short, what’s new:

– Flying Wing Drone in sales calls

– New focus on logistics markets

About Lehmann Aviation

For more than 15 years, Lehmann Aviation has been developing and manufacturing extremely robust and cost-effective utility drones for the most demanding missions worldwide. The company’s drones are designed to provide easy-to-use unmanned aerial systems for government and business customers.

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