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Lockheed Martin Ventures made a strategic investment in Hidden Level, an expert in sensor design and development for low-altitude surveillance. The investment will help both companies solve aerial surveillance and security challenges through advanced distributed sensor networks.

“Providing scalable solutions to low-altitude airspace security remains a problem in defense and business premises,” said Jeff Cole, CEO of Hidden Level. “Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions that help our customers protect the public and improve airspace security in defense and civil areas alike. Working with Lockheed Martin, who understands the value of our technology, is important. “

“The growing infrastructure and advancing technology create new challenges every day, such as accessing spectrum and overloading radar to safely navigate our country’s airspace system,” said Chris Moran, general manager and VP of Lockheed Martin Ventures. “Our investment in hidden levels underlines our focus on reducing the challenges in the area of ​​airspace security. We are excited to add Hidden Levels to our investment portfolio and look forward to working with your team and gaining access to their distributed sensor network which may provide a solution to these escalating challenges. “

Hidden Level’s air surveillance service offers a network of specially developed sensors that can be used to monitor low altitude air traffic like drones over large geographic areas, including traditionally challenging environments such as densely populated metropolitan areas. With use cases such as drone delivery and urban air mobility moving closer to reality, urban centers pose the greatest challenge to maintaining public safety and facility security and enabling these advanced airspace operations. The technologies offered today cannot be scaled up to the large area coverage required for large cities, which is problematic in order to ensure the long-term viability and safety of the national airspace system at low altitude.

Further information on the Hidden Level airspace monitoring service can be found at: https://hiddenlevel.com/about/services/airspace-monitoring-service/

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Hidden Level employs a team of experienced sensor experts who have developed innovative sensor solutions for military and commercial customers over the past ten years. Hidden Level relieves its customers from owning, operating and maintaining expensive and rapidly changing sensor technologies by providing only the data they need at a fraction of the cost with the air surveillance service.


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