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The integration of LoLaS (Local Landing System) into the Veronte Autopilot 1X was a complete success. In order to support precise and safe drone operations, Internest offers LoLaS, a redundant and different positioning technology based on ultrasound and UWB. Embention, the leading provider of autopilots and critical components for drones and UAM, has worked closely with the Internest team to successfully integrate LoLaS and Veronte Autopilot 1x and ensure a safe and precise autonomous landing even on moving platforms.

LoLaS and Veronte Autopilot 1x

LoLaS is an embedded system based on hardware components and firmware. Thanks to the fusion of several technologies, LoLaS offers accurate and reliable position information, regardless of visibility, weather or surroundings.

Veronte autopilot 1X is a miniaturized, highly reliable avionics system for the advanced control of drones and unmanned vehicles. Veronte Autopilot 1X is designed in accordance with DO178C and DO254 and has a state-of-the-art suite of sensors and processors that enable fully autonomous flight for all types of drones. “The Internest solution was tested on various platforms and in complex environments: Windy conditions at night with up to 35 knots on moving platforms,” ​​said Nicolas Sczaniecki, CEO of Internest. “By integrating Embention, the full potential of the Internest positioning system could be exploited, which enables a precise, autonomous landing.”

LoLaS can be used in three different modes with the Veronte autopilot::

· Navigation mode: A variable weight for the LoLaS sensor input is defined in the Kalman filter. It corrects the GPS position or completely replaces it, thus enabling safe autonomous landing without GNSS.
· Guidance mode: The LoLaS sensor shows the relative position between the base and the on-board device and provides the position of the desired waypoint with high accuracy.
· Mixed mode: a combination of navigation and guidance can be configured for improved performance.

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