Martin UAV V-BAT Chosen As The First-Ever VTOL Medium Vary UAS To Be Evaluated Throughout An Operational Coast Guard Patrol – Drones Information


V-BAT VTOL ship deck landing

Martin UAV began a contractor-operated operation in cooperation with the Coast Guard Research and Development Center (RDC) on August 13 and 14, 2020 on board a Coast Guard cutter in the area of ​​responsibility of SOUTHCOM.

The project using the Martin UAV V-BAT is part of an effort to evaluate how mid-size UAS is using Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) capabilities in support of Coast Guard operations, including Beyond Visual Line of Sight can be operations.

The patrol data can also be used to refine a concept of the operations and requirements for installing and integrating VTOL UAS in current and future Coast Guard cutter classes. This is the first ever VTOL medium-range UAS assessment while on patrol with the Coast Guard.

“UAS technology has already proven itself to be a game changer for the Coast Guard. It affects the deadlines for obtaining a declaration that does not object to boarding ships, provides situational awareness for shipboard crews prior to reaching targets of interest, and provides a better covert means of pursuing targets of interest, which leads to an increased awareness of maritime areas and the execution of missions. ”Said Stephen Dunn, RDC aeronautical researcher. “The VTOL system goes one step further by reducing the UAS’s footprint for future Coast Guard cutter operations,” said Dunn.

About Martin UAV:

Martin UAV is a privately held advanced technology company based in Plano, TX. The company specializes in the construction of unique unmanned aircraft systems and the associated flight control software. The company’s systems were developed commercially to meet critical operational needs in tactical and limited operational environments. The aircraft of the V-BAT series is the only single-engine VTOL with an exhaust fan that is able to start and recover from a hover at any time, to fly for more than 8 hours in level flight and during the flight to transition to “hover and stare ”during a specific mission set.

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