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MissionGO, a provider of unmanned aviation solutions that transform logistics, and Nevada Donor Network, an organ procurement organization (OPO) in the state of Nevada, today announced two successful test flights of a human organ and tissue over an unmanned aerial vehicle system (UAS) on September 17th .

The first flight carried research corneas from Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center to Dignity Health – St. Rose Dominican, San MartΓ­n Campus. This flight successfully demonstrates the viability, value, efficiencies and speed of delivery of life-saving medical supplies and organs via UAS in an urban setting.

The second flight to deliver a research kidney from an airport to a location outside of a small town in the Las Vegas desert was the longest organ-delivery flight in UAS history. This flight surpassed the distance of a historic flight in April 2019 when MissionGO team members Anthony Pucciarella and Ryan Henderson delivered the first kidney from the UAS in their roles at the University of Maryland’s UAS test site and in collaboration with the University of Maryland Medical Center that was then successfully transplanted into a patient.

β€œThese flights are an exciting step forward – the research conducted during last week’s test flights is yet another data point showing that unmanned aircraft are a reliable means of transporting life-saving cargo and that MissionGO’s UAS is useful for both Payload and people are safe on site – even at greater distances, ”said Anthony Pucciarella, President of MissionGO. “We’re grateful to be testing our technology with our partners on the Nevada Donor Network and look forward to what we can achieve together with more research like this.”

Given that the majority of organs donated in Las Vegas currently have to be shipped to recipients in other states due to limited local transplant programs, MissionGO’s second flight test highlighted an exciting opportunity for the future of organ transportation in the Las Vegas area. Using unmanned aircraft in a multimodal transport chain shortens the time between organ donation and transplantation, reduces the carbon footprint from the use of electric aircraft, and potentially increases the efficiency of organ procurement, saving more lives. Aviation research in Nevada is the beginning of a series of medical and aerospace research flights with OPOs in other regions.

“The success of last week’s testing leads us into the future of organ transportation and enables us to be even more successful for years to come,” said Joe Ferreira, CEO and President of the Nevada Donor Network. β€œThe work we are now doing to maximize the gift of life and health can only be enhanced with the services demonstrated by MissionGO. The future of organ donation and transplantation is determined by innovation. “

These tests not only demonstrated the capabilities of UAS, but also highlighted the feasibility of a non-contact solution that reduced the number of handovers by moving the human organ directly between hospitals through the air instead of ground-based couriers.

While MissionGO concentrates on unmanned flight operations, its sister company MediGO concentrates on improving organ transplant logistics for all modes of transport. The Chief Medical Officer of MediGO, Dr. Joseph Scalea, will analyze the kidney and cornea to study the architecture of the graft tissue and cell viability before and after these flights. This analysis aims to clarify the effects of unmanned aircraft on human tissue and to confirm that organ transport via UAS can be carried out safely.

MissionGO has additional flight tests planned for later this year and later this year with additional OPO innovation partners across the country.

About MissionGO
MissionGO sets a new standard for next-generation transport logistics. Using unmanned aircraft systems, MissionGO offers improved reliability, lower costs, and greater visibility for the benefit of multiple sectors, including healthcare and retail. The company is led by CEO Scott Plank and funded by Scott Plank Ventures Impact Investments. Find out more today at www.missiongo.io

Via Nevada Donor Network
The Nevada Donor Network is a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organ procurement organization (OPO) that aims to maximize the gift of life and health through organ, eye and tissue donation. Founded in 1987, the Nevada Donor Network is one of only 58 OPOs in the United States serving more than 3 million people in the state of Nevada and 113,000 potential transplant recipients across the country. We work with hospital staff and community partners to advance research and provide a strong support network to courageous donor families who have turned loss into hope.

At the Nevada Donor Network, we encourage Nevadans to provide education, research, and action to help people in need of life-saving transplants. Nevada Donor Network is a member of Donate Life Nevada, a subsidiary of Donate Life America, whose nationwide efforts encourage Nevadans to register as organ, eye, and tissue donors. More information is available at www.nvdonor.org

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