MJX B20 EIS drone with 4K digital camera


After a long absence, MJX came up with a new model of the Bugs series called B20 EIS. As the product name suggests, the 4K camera has electronic image stabilization (EIS). The camera has a 1/3 “image sensor and a 2.8 mm lens. It can record up to 128 GB micro SD cards and record videos with 4840 × 2160 @ 30fps or 1080P @ 60fps. The 5G-WLAN -Module can go up to 600 meters with certain smartphone models.

Thanks to the powerful brushless 1620 kV motors, the MJX B20 has a wind resistance of level 4. According to rumored information, the maximum flight speed is about 40 km / h and the flight height is limited to 120 meters. With a 2s / 3400mAh battery, the flight time is approx. 22 minutes.

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The Bugs 20 drone has smarter flight modes than its predecessors, e.g. B. B2, with the addition Follow me and Circle on a topic.

MJX R / C Bugs 20 features and specifications

  • Unibody frame with high ground clearance;
  • GPS tracking system;
  • Optical flow + barometer air pressure sensors;
  • 1620KV 2204 and 6A ESC brushless motors;
  • 4K camera with 1/3 “CMOS sensor, tilt angle setting (-90 ° to 0 °) and ESI;
  • 3840 × 2160 @ 30fps or 1080P @ 60fps video recording;
  • 5G WiFi real-time image transmission (up to 450 meters);
  • About 22 minutes of battery life.

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