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Research and applications of STEM education show that students desperately need a solid curriculum to prepare for the developing future. DroneBlocks provides the tools necessary to motivate learners throughout the school year by examining real challenges and logic. This exciting learning is captured through research into science, technology, engineering, math and the integration of the arts and is now fully offered through membership in drone programming.

The DroneBlocks curriculum is designed so that it can be used by advanced learners with different learning styles. Students are given the opportunity to learn block, NodeRed, Python and JavaScript coding by executing their code with small, friendly Tello drones that fly autonomously indoors. However, if the students don’t have a drone, they can learn to code with it DroneBlocks simulator!

Key features of DroneBlocks membership include:

  • Over 100 cloud-based lessons and videos are universally aligned with educational standards and build on every skill that is introduced
  • Access to the online DroneBlocks simulator and the DroneBlocks code
  • Real STEM / STEAM applications for all topics
  • Content and expansion activities to involve learners of different ages
  • Compatibility with iOS, Android and Chrome devices

The unique membership offers content and additional resources to prepare students for the future. Members have access to DroneBlocks Tello Simulator, a means to explore coding using DroneBlocks with or without a drone.

DroneBlocks membership begins with simple introductory lessons that include intensive courses, mixed programming, problem solving and real-world application across the curriculum:

  • Introduction to Tello Drone programming
  • The DroneBlocks simulator
  • Tello & Art presents: dance
  • Introduction to Tello EDU Drone Programming with DroneBlocks
  • Advanced Tello programming with DroneBlocks
  • Tello challenges from Italy with Mr. Torelli – part 1
  • Node-RED programming with Tello and Tello EDU
  • Tello Drone Programming with Python video course
  • OpenCV, Python and DroneBlocks for Tello Camera Control
  • Introduction to JavaScript programming with DroneBlocks code

The courses listed above can be accessed individually or through the new membership. Teachers and students can access all courses monthly or annually, with new content constantly available. These options ensure access to all lessons and tools that are needed all year round.

More information about DroneBlocks can be found at and

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