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Hoverseen builds on the ANAFI drone platform to expand the security offer for companies

Paris – July 2020: Parrot, the leading European drone group, announced today that this is the case
Partnership with Hoverseen, a provider of automatic drone solutions. Through this partnership
Companies can now use Parrot ANAFI drones as automated drone-in-a-box surveillance
Solution that can send and charge itself by easily docking and charging
Railway station.

Parrot’s ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal, and new ANAFI USA drones provide an ultra-compact tool to give security and inspection professionals new aerial vantage points. In addition to the built-in 4K HDR camera, ANAFI Thermal and ANAFI USA incorporate a FLIR® heat sensor that allows users to easily capture thermal and visual readings for greater precision and efficiency.

Hoverseen’s software and charging stations are now working together to turn Parrot ANAFI drones into an effective, automated, and secure enterprise-class Internet Protocol (IP) camera that easily integrates with existing security systems and networks (e.g. VMS) of a company can be integrated. Any professional system that requires live stream videos or thermal metadata can use the Hoverseen solution. In addition, images and recorded 4K video from the drone can be automatically downloaded to the company’s database for later offline analysis while the drone is charging while landing in the docking station.

With the Hoverseen solution, ANAFI drones follow pre-programmed, automated flight plans and do not require any specialized pilots to operate. Instead, Hoverseen offers existing employees simple and tailor-made training courses to take the security of every company to the next level.

The interface provides full real-time monitoring of missions and flight conditions.
Drones can automatically operate in response to an alarm signal or according to a
Routine plan.

“Parrot is working to advance the next evolution in organizational security with our ANAFI drones by working with industry leaders like Hoverseen.” said Jerome Bouvard, Parrot Director of Strategic Partnership. “Our latest partnership is sure to provide companies in every industry with a cost-effective, unique and secure monitoring and inspection solution.”

“As a provider of automatic drone-in-a-box solutions, we were looking for a
effective drone that integrates the best available technology, ”said Eric Villiers, founding president of Hoverseen. “We are proud to partner with Parrot to combine our Smart Aerial Scanning solution with ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal and new ANAFI USA drones to provide our customers with a simple and safe solution.”

With its SDK partner program, Parrot is working to create a global ecosystem for drones
Software providers to meet the unique and constantly evolving needs of their company and
professional users.

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