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The addition of dedicated ANAFI USA systems to the GSA schedule for U.S. Army and Government operations is testament to the exceptional safety and performance of Parrot’s proven experience in the drone industry.

Paris, September 1, 2020 – – Parrot, the leading European drone group, is pleased to announce its selection in the Blue Drones program by the US Army and the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). The DIU is a Department of Defense organization that accelerates commercial technology for national defense.

The Blue Drones program is a spin-off of the Short-Range Reconnaissance (SRR) program that was started by the Army and the DIU in April 2019. The Blue Drones drone development effort was organized in response to increased government demand for safe and ultra-portable drones that could be used for a variety of military and federal applications.

Blue SUAS: A Robust and Trustworthy Industrial Base for the US Army

Parrot is currently one of two finalists in the SRR project. Delivery of a series-ready SRR drone is planned for the end of 2020. Parrot’s work on the SRR project confirmed the DIU that the company is able to meet the outstanding and proven security requirements for performance, scalability and usability in the first solutions for the US Army.

After the first phases of the SRR program, the DIU launched the efforts of Blue Drones (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) to meet the high demand for trustworthy, secure, ultra-portable, quick-to-deploy, low-cost, US-made drones for use in US Military and federal agencies and government operations.

Both the SRR and Blue SUAS programs comply with Section 848 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020, which prohibits the operation or procurement of unmanned aircraft systems made in China.

Parrot was again selected by the DIU as one of the five participants in the Blue Drones program. Parrot was invited to present its solutions on August 19, 2020. At this virtual event, Parrot introduced two new high-performance tactical reconnaissance drones: ANAFI USA MIL for the armed forces and ANAFI USA GOV for government and federal agencies.

With an unparalleled 10 years of experience in developing micro-drones for the retail and consumer markets – during which time Parrot has produced over 4.5 million drones – Parrot is the most established drone technology company in the Blue Drones program. The proven ANAFI platform has evolved over two years of extensive continuous development, improvement and real use on site.

The dedicated and approved systems for military, government and federal agencies

ANAFI USA MIL and ANAFI USA GOV are the result of Parrot’s work over the past 18 months for the SRR and Blue Drones programs. Both drones are made in the USA and offer powerful 32x stabilized zoom, FLIR thermal imaging, 4K HDR video, and exceptional data encryption and privacy features. Both drones are easy to fly, quick to deploy, and incredibly quiet to operate. They provide core functionality that complements those of Parrot’s ANAFI USA drone announced in June 2020 for businesses, public safety, first responders and inspection professionals.

Building on the ANAFI USA platform, ANAFI USA MIL and ANAFI USA GOV offer additional features that are specifically tailored to the needs of the US armed forces as well as the US government and federal agencies. Both drones fully comply with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Parrot’s legacy of outstanding safety has been a key factor for ANAFI USA MIL and ANAFI USA GOV in meeting the stringent requirements of the US Army and the DIU. Both drones have been granted Authority to Operate (ATO) status from the DoD after passing extensive cybersecurity validation tests.

The ANAFI USA MIL and ANAFI USA GOV drones essentially offer excellent security. Both models use an AES-XTS algorithm with a key length of 512 bits to encrypt all data stored on the drone’s SD card. An encryption key is required to read all of the data captured by the drone, which protects sensitive data if the drone falls into the wrong hands.

ANAFI USA MIL and ANAFI USA GOV use a secure WPA2 WiFi connection to authenticate and encrypt all communication between the controller and the drone. With ANAFI USA MIL, pilots also benefit from an AES 256-bit encrypted radio communication system (microhard) between the drone and their controller: Drone operators can use the US Army’s TOGA GCS controller with ANAFI USA MIL or the dedicated Skycontroller USA supplied.

Optimized procurement through the GSA schedule

Because of their highly specialized and dedicated roles, ANAFI USA MIL and ANAFI USA GOV will be added to the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule from September 2020 to simplify sourcing and ensure a secure supply chain for all US military, government departments and federal agencies.

The inclusion of ANAFI USA GOV and ANAFI USA on the GSA schedule is a testament to their exceptional safety and performance as products offered through the GSA must meet strict criteria for reliability, quality control, and regulatory compliance, including exemption from the ATO exemption.

US Department of Defense companies can also enter into a production contract through the Other Transaction Authority, taking advantage of the DIU commercial solution opening scaling option.

ANAFI USA MIL is available exclusively through established GSA partner Darley Defense in September and costs $ 16,000. ANAFI USA GOV is priced at $ 14,000. Visit the ANAFI USA Contact Portal to submit an inquiry about ANAFI USA MIL, ANAFI USA GOV, or Parrot’s ANAFI USA Enterprise drones available for sale.

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