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Paris – August 5, 2020: Parrot, the leading European drone group, and Dronisos, a pioneer in the creation and production of bespoke drone swarm light shows, are expanding their ongoing partnership to explore new applications for drone flight automation using the Parrot ANAFI drone Platform.

Dronisos’ drone flocks combine sophisticated technology and artistic expression to entertain audiences around the world with dancing drones and lights for customers such as LancΓ΄me, Peugeot, FIFA and Oreo. These shows require sophisticated drone flight automation to synchronize a thousand drones and perform choreographed movements, tricks and flight patterns.

Dronisos previously introduced Parrot Bebop and Mambo drones, which have been modified with special lights, hardware and software to act as the stars of their shows. Parrot’s latest ANAFI drone platform, with its compact size, quiet flights and industry-leading security, offers new opportunities to advance flight automation and synchronization.

“Parrot is a dream partner who helps us develop spectacular imaginations, both in terms of their technology and their appreciation for art,” said Jean-Dominique Lauwereins, CTO and co-founder of Dronisos. β€œNow Parrot’s ANAFI drone platform has inspired and equipped our team to push the boundaries and take our drone swarming skills to new heights and new industries. In particular, the small size of the ANAFI prevents physical damage and the highly secure connection ensures the security and integrity of autonomous flights from potential hackers. ”

Parrot teamed up with Dronisos for the first time in 2016 to produce the company’s now infamous drone dances at its annual CES booth and to present the launch of Bebop. The light-hearted and entertaining dances entertained the CES participants and served as an unforgettable showcase for the brand and its technology. These elaborate choreographed drone dances broke barriers in the previously unimagined drone automation.

Five years later, amidst months of closure due to the global corona virus pandemic, the Dronisos team created a world record show with 200 Parrot Bebop 2 drones at the same time. The show was created with a dispersed team throughout the ban and broke the world record for the largest number of drones flying autonomously indoors. The show, sponsored by Cisco and Tim, was broadcast nationwide to celebrate San Giovanni, a popular annual Italian festival in Turin, Genoa and Florence.

“Dronisos has broken barriers and world records with its vision and engineering, as well as our drone technology,” said Jerome Bouvard, director of strategic partnerships at Parrot. “We see how our professional and corporate customers use our drones and believe that in the next phase of our partnership we can show what can still be achieved to meet new challenges for inspection, surveying and mapping, security and Defense industry to solve. ”

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