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COPENHAGEN, DENMARK and OSS, THE NETHERLANDS August 18, 2020 – Phase One Industrial, a global leader in medium and large format metric cameras and imaging solutions for aerial applications, has signed an agreement with Acecore Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for Cinema and creative, industrial and security markets. Together, these companies’ high-end products open up new opportunities in drone-based markets for high-precision mapping and inspections.

Ground control

“Integrating the Phase One iXM camera with the Acecore drone enables complete control from the ground and prevents unexpected errors that would require repeated flights, thus saving valuable time,” said Koen Vrints, professional UAV surveyor at Koen Vrints BVBA.

Phase One Industrial developed the iXM series – revolutionary and uniquely designed cameras for UAV-based aerial images that redefine the limits of technological innovation. The iXM 100MP and iXM 50MP are highly productive metric cameras with a range of specially developed RSM lenses. Ready for easy integration with a variety of UAV platforms, the iXM cameras offer the highest quality aerial imagery and flexible operation for a variety of mapping, surveying and inspection applications.

Under the new agreement, Acecore will support Phase One Industrial iXM cameras in the UAV market for high-precision mapping and inspections. Acecore will deploy the iXM camera in three models of drones: ZOE, NEO and NOA, which provide fast and efficient, simple and reliable UAV solutions.

The Acecore NOA flagship can fly for up to 45 minutes with any PhaseOne iXM / iXM-RS camera and lens option.

Acecore has given operators full control over the in-flight functionality of the Phase One industrial cameras. All cameras of the iXM / iXM-RS series can be switched seamlessly from a conventional lower bracket to an upper bracket configuration. The latter will prove especially useful when inspecting structures like bridges from the bottom up.

The European-made Acecore drone and PhaseOne iXM cameras are weatherproof and resistant to wind speeds of up to 35 knts, allowing users to experience far less downtime.

“Our cameras are an example of Acecore’s mission to optimize, increase efficiency and inspire UAV mapping and inspection missions. As the industry leader, we are confident that they will support our strategic efforts to further develop the industry through innovative solutions using Phase One industrial technology, ”said Dov Kalinski, CEO of Phase One Industrial.

Jorrit Linders, founder and CEO of Acecore, explains: “A competent payload gives our drones their purpose and makes them useful tools to save money, time and effort. By working with Phase One Industrial, we can expand our offer with a powerful, fully integrated camera-drone combination that is connected to one another by an intelligent Gremsy gimbal. “

About Phase One Industrial

Phase One Industrial, a division of Phase One A / S, researches, develops and manufactures medium and large format digital photography systems, software and image processing solutions for industrial markets. Solutions range from aerial photography to image processing applications and heritage conservation. Whether you’re mapping the globe, performing industrial inspections, or holding valuable works of art and documents, the focus is on image accuracy.

Phase One Industrial is headquartered in Copenhagen and strives to provide exceptional image quality, productivity and user experience. With branches in Colorado, Cologne, Tel Aviv, Beijing and Tokyo as well as teams of experts from global partners, Phase One Industrial serves and supports its customers worldwide.

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