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The first drone in a box to have an integrated, ASTM-approved parachute sets a precedent for drone safety as part of an ongoing partnership with the FAA

Modi’in, Israel, August 2020. Percepto, the global leader in autonomous industrial drone solutions, announced today that its on-site autonomous drone, the Percepto Sparrow, is the first on the market to offer an ASTM 3322-18 standard integral parachute after more than 50 successful test flights. Success builds on the existing security features of the drone.

The parachute feature complies with FAA standards and further expedites human flyover and line of sight (BVLOS) permits for Perceptos Fortune 500 customers. FPL is the first utility company in the US to receive BVLOS approval and Percepto’s customers have also been the first to receive BVLOS approval for autonomous drones at industrial sites in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Israel.

“The ASTM compliance for the Percepto Sparrow parachute marks the pinnacle of its sophisticated safety features and underscores its popularity as the most popular drone in a box on the market. Our customers who operate large energy, mining and industrial sites can use the drone for critical missions knowing that their employees and their infrastructure are safe even in the most difficult weather conditions. “Raviv Raz, Chief Engineering Officer and Co-Founder.

The parachute from Percepto complements existing software and hardware that are designed for maximum safety. The parachute has an integrated and independent power source that enables it to take off reliably in all possible failure scenarios in which a loss of control can occur. This includes battery failure, engine failure, or other unexpected malfunction.

The parachute adds another all-weather feature to the drone-in-a-box solution, which recently passed the level 5 hurricane tests on the Wall of Wind at Florida International University. The Percepto solution is the safest and most robust autonomous drone solution on the market for all weather conditions. It can perform critical tasks and land in strong winds, snow, dust, rain, and extremely high and low temperatures

About Percepto

Percepto is a leading provider of autonomous drone-in-a-box solutions for monitoring and securing critical infrastructures and industrial sites. Our advanced, AI-based software provides real-time insights and helps our customers assess risks, minimize downtime, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs without human intervention. It has been tested in all weather conditions and is the most rugged platform available today.

Percepto is the most widely used drone-in-a-box solution on the market with Fortune 500 customers in more than 10 countries.

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