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The flagship Nuuva V300 is a revolutionary, large capacity, large capacity eVTOL autonomous UAV for logistics and air freight delivery. It works ten times more economically than today’s helicopters, does not require any landing strips and, with its type-certified electric motors, offers more safety and reliability. The convenience of the smaller Nuuva V20 also opens up last-mile delivery missions.

AJDOVŠČINA, SLOVENIA – September 1, 2020: Pipistrel, the pioneer of type-certified electric aviation, introduces the Nuuva V300 as the flagship of the Nuuva series of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). This unique aircraft embodies our vision of disrupting air cargo transportation by commercializing the use of electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL). The highly customizable autonomous aircraft can carry up to 460 kg, is easy and economical to operate and offers the efficiency and reliability of electric propulsion. Commissioning is planned for the second half of 2023.

Currently valuable cargo is being delivered by helicopters to many locations around the world which are great for hovering but are much less efficient in cruise flight as they rely solely on their rotors to provide the necessary lift. Their complex flight mechanics also result in a large number of moving parts that require frequent maintenance and inspection, which further increases operating costs.

The Nuuva family combines the best of the principles of airplane and helicopter air cargo transportation. The eVTOL unmanned capability allows it to fly where no aircraft can, while its hybrid configuration allows it to operate on an equivalent mission at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter. The Nuuva V300, with its simplicity, efficiency and autonomy, aims to provide the operator with a 10x improvement in economy.

Reliable and easy to use

The large loading space can hold up to 3 Euro pallets (EPAL), which can be easily loaded with a normal forklift. The Nuuva V300 then flies a pre-installed flight plan completely autonomously, which is controlled by a highly reliable digital flight control system. Thanks to continuous communication, the ground operator who manages the vehicle with simple mouse clicks has ultimate control over changes or cancellations of the flight.

The Nuuva V300 takes off and lands with eight independent battery-operated Pipistrel E-811 electric motors that are already type-certified. The entire system is protected by the integrated self-monitoring system for the state of health, which indicates possible malfunctions from possible disturbances and thus increases reliability and safety. The batteries of the Nuuva V300 can be charged by simply connecting to a SkyChargeTM from Pipistrel and the Green Motion charging station.

A reliable and proven internal combustion engine in the rear fuselage drives the aircraft when it is cruising and offers unbeatable fuel consumption and low maintenance costs. A unique tandem wing configuration with fly-by-wire control surfaces increases aerodynamic efficiency, reduces the landing pad distance of the vehicle while ensuring a wide center of gravity.

Flexibility at a low cost

The Nuuva V300 can be customized for a wide variety of missions. For operators who prefer a longer range, the payload capacity and anti-ice capability of the vehicle can be exchanged for more usable fuel, as 50 kg payload can be transported up to 2,500 km – all without affecting the capacity. take off and land vertically from heights of up to 8,000 feet. At lower take-off altitudes and with shorter deployment requirements, the payload can be increased up to 460 kg, exceeding the coveted 1,000-pound threshold.

Nuuva V20, the last mile delivery shuttle

The smaller sibling of the Nuuva family, the V20, has the same architecture and advantages as the larger V300, but is designed as a light cargo courier with payloads of up to 20 kg. The first customers will be able to receive deliveries as early as 2021.

Integrate the Nuuva aircraft into your company

Pipistrel encourages potential customers, operators, and investors to discuss customization options, enhancements, and purchase opportunities. To learn more about Nuuva solutions and how to customize them for your business, visit the Nuuva V300 page and fill out the contact form. A Pipistrel representative will be in touch shortly.

About Pipistrel

Pipistrel is a leading global designer and manufacturer of small aircraft, specializing in energy-efficient, affordable, high-performance aircraft. With more than 30 years of experience, Pipistrel has manufactured more than 2,200 aircraft to date and has built a significant international reputation for delivering unique, innovative products to passionate customers on every continent. Pipistrel flew an electric two-seater for the first time in 2007 and won the NASA Green Flight Challenge in 2011 with the world’s first electric four-seater aircraft. He has developed nine different experimental and mass-produced electric aircraft, including the first certified type aircraft electric aircraft, the Velis Electro. In addition, propulsion systems have been developed, including batteries, power regulators and electric motors, for small and general aviation class aircraft for NASA and Siemens, among others. With participation in standardization committees, d. H. ASTM F44.40, F39.05, SAE AE7-D, Pipistrel is helping to enable the future hybrid-electric aviation market.

Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, the company’s research and development division, is approved by the EASA Design Organization and can turn a new aircraft design concept from a basic idea into a certified design ready for production. The division is also developing an electric eVTOL air taxi and a 19-seater miniliner / microfeeder with hydrogen fuel cell drive to revolutionize the intra-European transport market.

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