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Pitsco Education Drone Arena and Accessories

The increasing popularity and usefulness of drones has generated interest both inside and outside the classroom. Proper drone training and drone security can prepare students for a variety of careers, including: B. on drone pilots, software developers, construction inspectors and more. Schools can now provide these connections with the newly developed curriculum, arena and materials from Pitsco Education for drones

“Drones have become an important tool to prepare students for a variety of emerging MINT careers,” said Matt Frankenbery, vice president of education for Pitsco. “We are delighted to be able to bring this next step in STEM training into the middle school classroom.”

The use of drones in the classroom opens up new opportunities to make lessons more relevant and engaging for students. And Pitsco offers a variety of options to help teachers and students get started with drones. From the 5 and 10 packs of the Tello EDU drone to a curriculum for the drone arena and the drone competition, we have covered your flight plans for the classroom.

The flight guide curriculum created by our team of education experts: drone competition uses the excitement of the competition to introduce students to the diverse uses of drones in today’s world through manned and autonomous flight operations. The curriculum, which was designed for grades 6 through 8 and complies with ITEEA standards, consists of a guide with 12 activities and four competitions, as well as resources such as links to career research, a preflight check, teacher notes and a glossary with basic flight terms and drone principles .

While going through the activities, the students not only practice drone flying, but also learn about the real FAA flight rules and safety regulations, as well as the principles and terminology of the quadcopter flight. In culminating competitions, scenarios are presented that enable students to test their new skills, possibly save victims from an explosion, take pictures of a car accident, use teamwork and critical thinking skills.

The curriculum was written and tested using the Tello EDU drone, but is perpetual and allows teachers to use all of the drones available in the classroom.

Teachers who are ready to reach new heights should take advantage of the Drone Flight Guide curriculum and the Field Elements Kit, which includes the Flight Guide: Drone Competition Curriculum, an instructor pilot, 10 student pilot pilots and all the necessary competition field elements (drones not included). start a competition. Options include:

  • Tello EDU Drone 5-pack and 10-pack: With this first-class technology, which was specially developed for teaching, students can use the remote control functions of the Tello app and then easily learn programming languages ​​such as Scratch and Python ® and Swift.
  • Drone arenas: These arenas are available in the sizes 10 ‘x 10’ and 10 ‘x 20’ and are designed for drone flying. They create a safe environment for learning, competition and fun.
  • Drone Flight Guide curriculum and field element kit with arena: All essential elements of the above kit with the 10 ‘x 20’ drone arena.

As part of our drone training continuum, Pitsco has also partnered with CrossFlight Sky Solutions to offer drone curricula and training that can lead to federal certification.

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