4K Underwater Digital camera Drone System, Sea Pictures, WiFi Recorder for Fishing, Scuba Diving with Journey Backpack.




Price: £2,718.70
(as of Sep 10,2020 01:31:33 UTC – Details)

The AHELT-J underwater drone is equipped with a high-resolution 4K UHD camera system and a 4-thrust stabilization system, which enables it to take real-time, stabilized and high-resolution underwater recordings. It can travel under water at up to 2 m/s and can continue to operate under water for 3 hours.
Scientific exploration

Thousands of unknown underwater creatures exist under the deep sea. The underwater drone AHELT-J helps to find mysterious miracles under water, which contributes to more new species catalog for marine biologists.

Shipping control

Commercial fishing boats or private yachts are always disturbed by complex sea water erosion. AHELT-J underwater drone, as a great tool to check the actual condition of the hull bottom, is beneficial for ship control.

Underwater photography

Do you want to explore and record amazing things underwater? AHELT-J underwater drone gives real-time UHD images on your phone or tablet. Just enjoy fantastic underwater movies on the shore without getting your feet wet.

Underwater rescue

AHELT-J underwater drone is a good helper to help rescuers find crashed ships and trapped divers. Especially when dark and unsafe underwater increases the difficulty of underwater rescue.

Scope of delivery:

1 x AHELT-J – 64G.
1 x AHELT-J battery and charger.
1 x AHELT-J buoyancy cord, 100 m.
1 x Wi-Fi base station.
1 x WLAN base station battery.
1 x spool.
1 x AHELT-J backpack.
PERFECT PHOTOS – Supports up to 4K video and 16mp photography. Shoots up to 120 fps and comes with QAS-balance system to capture high-quality dynamic images. Features a rich film setting, combined with matrix lights and special underwater shooting filter.
BEST BATTERY& VIEWING APP – AHELT-J is the first underwater drone that features a quick charger modular C-Hyperhelix battery. You view the live feed on the AHELT-J app installed on your iPhone, smartphone or tablet.
COMPLETE CAMERA KIT – AHELT-J is lightweight, only 3.3kg, and comes included with a travel backpack. The underwater drone kit also includes battery and power charger, 100m kevlar zero buoyancy line, Wi-Fi base station, battery, and reel.
SWIMS LIKE A FISH – Nemo can dive 100 meters at a max speed of 2m/s. Patented QAS-balance technology allows movements including a floating dive, forward, backward, turn, tilt posture, hovering, cruising and pitching in certain water depths.


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