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Product Description


Best Gifts for Kids

This UFO drone has a stylish appearance and unique style. It is the best choice for holiday gifts or Kid’s toys. It is suitable for the interaction between children and parents to promote the emotions between children and parents. At the same time, it can also improve children’s practical ability,and it has certain benefits for children to stay away from mobile phones.







Easy to Use


First press the on/off button for 1 second, then put it in your hand, wait for 1 second, and then throw it lightly.

Easy to stop

Grab and flip it to stop flying. The impact design will not hurt you. A safe toy suitable for you and your friends, family and companions.

Design for Kids

The UFO drone has a high-quality, flexible ABS guardrail, which is light and flexible, and can withstand countless bumps. The propeller is located in the drone toy, so you don’t have to worry about the propeller hurting your child.

Excellent Measuring Device

The UFO drones use high-tech infrared motion sensors to detect obstacles. The sensors are installed at the bottom and surrounding areas. He can accurately avoid obstacles, and the operator can manually control its flight direction.







Package Include:

1*Hands-Free Drone

1*USB Charging Cable

1*User Manual

Stylish and Cool

When children play these small drones indoors, the built-in LED lights on the drones will glow.It will be especially bright in the dark, satisfying children’s fantasy of ufo. The ufo has three colors: blue, red and gold, you can choose according to your child’s preferences.


About charging:

Please fully charge the mini drone before use.

Make sure the aircraft is turned off while charging.

About usage issues:

Do not use this product under strong wind and strong light.

Do not put any heavy objects directly on the drone.

Do not operate in a cramped or chaotic environment.

Do not throw it on people or animals, keep it away from face and eyes.

☆Convenient and Simple operation: When using, throw this drone into the air gently indoors without a remote control; it has an infrared sensor to avoid obstacles, and the sensor can also be used to control the flight direction. When you need to stop the operation, you can stop it by holding it directly. For children and beginners, the operation is relatively simple and convenient.
☆High-quality Design for Children: The drone uses high-quality ABS flexible guardrails, which are lightweight and flexible, and can withstand countless impacts. The propeller is located in the drone toy, so there is no need to worry about the propeller hurting children.
☆Stylish and Beautiful Appearance: When you navigate these mini drones for kids in any room, the flashing LED lights will glow, which is very suitable for playing at home.
☆Best Gifts for Kids: This ufo drone is stylish in shape and novel in play. It is the best choice for children or teenages as a cool gift. It is suitable for children and parents to interact with each other to enhance the emotions of children and parents.


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