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Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone GPS FPV 1080P HD Camera With H906A Transmitter White

– 5.8G FPV Real-time Video Transmission: Share the videos and photos to the LCD display at anytime anywhere.

– 1080P HD Camera: See the world through the drone’s perspective at a 1080P HD resolution real-time video steam.

– GPS Positioning: Lock the drone’s position, hovering at a certain altitude, more accurate and safe.

– Orbit Mode: Long press the Photo button to set the drone place as center point, fly manually the drone to ajust the radius, then long press the Video button to start the Orbit.

You can also directly long press the Video button to start the Orbit, the aircraft will directly take the transmitter’s reported GPS location as center point and the distance as the radius,in this cas, the aircraft must be at least 5 meters away from the transmitter to activate this function.

– Follow Me Mode: Built-in GPS module enables the drone follow you to capture your adventure wherever you are.

– Brushless Motor: Each motor is made by the superb technology, more powerful and more durable, allows a super stable flight.

– Headless Mode: No more need to worry about losing control of your drone. Completely solve the loss-of-orientation problems.

– One Key Return: The flight control system will automatically control the drone to turn to home and land.

– Longer Flight Time: The intelligent battery with large capacity extends the flying time last to about 20 minutes.

– Fail-safe Mode: The drone will enter into the fail-safe mode when the connection is lost from the transmitter. The flight control system will control the drone to return to the home point and land automatically. The fail-safe mode helps to avoid further injuries or damages.

– Low Power Failsafe:The aircraft flight control will determine whether to perform a Return to Home or to land immediately according to the flight information when low battery.

– Expert mode: you can change the sensitivity of operation in the setting. Normal Mode: Sensitivity 20%~60%(except throttle), Expert mode: Sensitivity 60%~100%(except throttle)

– External Memory: Support 4 – 32G TF / micro SD card (not included).



Version: H501SS Automatic calibration and Black motor version

Camera Resolution: 1920*1080P 30FP

Remote Control: 2.4Ghz; Video transmission: 5.8Ghz; Remote Control Channels: 10+; Motor: Brushless Motor

Flight time: about 18-20 minutes (windless condition); Battery: 7.4V, 2700mah 10C; Charging time: about 210 minutes

Control distance: 400m (in open space without interference, the specific flight distance depends on the environment)

Mode: Mode 2 (left hand throttle, you can switch mode 1 and mode 2)

Max flight speed: 20m / s; Max descent or rise speed: 5m / s

Quadcopter dimensions: 350 * 350 * 80mm; Quadcopter weight: About 450g

H906A Transmitter

LCD screen H906A: 3.7 inch

Battery: 7.4V 1300mAh LiPo Battery(Attention: HUBSAN original battery for H906A is H501S-25 7.4V 1300mAh LiPo Batterie, H501S-25 can be used for the H906A remote control, but it doesn’t exactly match.Please buy carefully.)

Remote Control connection: Radio 2.4Ghz; FPV Video transmission: Radio 5.8Ghz

Control and FPV distance: 400m(without interference)

Compatible Drone: Hubsan H501S H501A H502S

The H906A antenna is external (like the image shown) and the quality is better, so the control distance is further.


1080P HD Camera

1920 * 1080P high definition camera, Explore the world in different perspectives, Record stories and beauty in your life.


Package list:

1 * H501S drone

1 * H906A Transmitter

1 * 7.4V 2700mAh LiPo Battery for drone

1 * 7.4V 1300mAh LiPo Battery for H906A

4 * Propeller A

4 * Propeller B

1 * AC Adapter

1 * Balance Charger

1 * Prop Wrench

1 * H501S Manual


Fly tips (Read carefully before the fly)

If the drone don’t respond to transmitter, re-bind the drone and the transmitter forcibly.If the transmitter work abnormally, observe the Trim’s change on screen when you toggle the sticks, in general, they should be in centre. eg: you push the throtte, but the drone fly left, calibrate the transmitter stick.If the drone and all motor don’t work, (1) Make sure that you have completed compass calibration. (2), Before the flight, the P and R value should be 0, otherwise it will prompt“Sensor Error” or the drone can’t fly. (3) Check that the Return to Home switch is pointing down/off. (4) Make sure that you are pulling both sticks down-out. Observe the Trims change on screen and verify that they are moving properly (If the trims don’t move, please perform a transmitter stick calibration). (5) If you are flying indoors, please set the “Fly With No GPS” option on the Main Menu from the default “No” to “Yes”.If the transmitter no image, (1) Rebind the copter to the transmitter, as the 5.8 and 2.4 frequencies might be interfering with each other. (2) The video reception depends on the 5.8GHz radio which is sensitive to the environment, So you can change the 5.8Ghz frequency of the remote control to improve this problem.(3)Test Mode: H901A Press the video button and power on the remote control to enter the test mode; H906A Press the DOWN button and power on the remote control to enter the test mode. In test mode, you can see the datas of 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz, if the value of 5.8Ghz is less than 56, the 5.8Ghz image transmission signal is weak, 90~160, the 5.8Ghz image transmission signal is strong.If the sd card don’t work and can’t see the video, 1) Check to see that the SD card is installed in the aircraft prior to power on. 2) Make sure if the SD card is distinguished by drone. If there is an exclamation mark, the card doesn’t be distinguished. The card must be replaced or formatted. 3) The SD card must be Class 10 or higher (recommended UHS-1), less than 64GB of storage (recommended 16GB or 32GB) and formatted to FAT32. Make sure that the Allocation unit size is set to 32KB and that the Volume label area is blank. 4) Change a better SD card, the quality of the card affects the reading of the video.If the drone drifts on the horizontal plane during flight, perform a Horizontal Calibration.If the drone drifts while rotating in flight, perform a Rotational Calibration.If GPS Hold or any of the GPS functions are unstable (ie Return to Home, Headless mode, Follow Me mode, etc), manually calibrate the compass.About the drone lose control, 1) The GPS of the drone and the remote control drop below 6, In any case, the GPS of the drone and the remote control should be more than 6 in any time, or some GPS functions(RTH, Fail-safe Mode, Low Power Failsafe) don’t work so that the drone is lost. 2) The flight distance exceeds the remote control’s signal transmission range. 3) The battery of the drone or the remote control is too low, so you need to make sure the drone and the remote control have enough battery to come back, or the drone will land directly. 4) The flight control or transmitter signal is interrupted by strong external electronic interference, you can change a place to fly your drone. 5) We strongly recommend that the customers observe the P/H value, trim, GPS and do the corresponding calibration before the flight to avoid losing the drone.If lost the drone, save the last known GPS coordinates in the transmitter, go to the coordinates in map then start searching.This H501S is a automatic calibration version, if the drone has already calibrated successfully, no need to calibrate, if not, there is interference or other reason, the drone will require a compass calibration. but we suggest manually calibrate the compass before the fly when you change a new place.

You can find those methods in the manual, If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact the ROSA service.

H906A remote comtrol:The H906A antenna is external (like the image shown) and the quality is better, so the control distance is further.Distance: 400m~800m.
1920*1080P 30FP camera with GPS system.
Headless mode ,return to home ,altitude hold ,follow me ,orbit.
Flight time: about 18-20 minutes


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