LXJ Distant Management Mini Youngsters’s Drone, Quadcopter, Youngsters’s Toy Airplane, Appropriate For Youngsters And Youth, Is The Finest Present For Youngsters




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product description:

What are the benefits of drones for children:
1. Cultivating children to play with drones from an early age is a wonderful way for children to gain experience and develop intelligence. It is also a good way to cultivate spontaneity, creativity, curiosity, imagination, exploration, adventure, and ability to do things.
2. The remote control drone is a big improvement to intelligence and coordination ability, and it can also improve children's hands-on ability.
3. Curiosity is a child’s nature. When he sees something new, he has a desire for challenge and possession. The drone is exquisite and can attract children’s attention. The drone is a new type of scientific and intelligent product. If you want to be able to control it, you need to learn a lot of basic knowledge about aerodynamics, mechanics, structure, and design. If a child wants to conquer this aircraft, he must learn this knowledge. Invisibly, the child learns to learn independently. The self-learning ability has gradually improved, and the practical ability has also been strengthened.
4. Scientific and intelligent toys can promote the development of thinking and the habit of hands-on operation, and form the purpose of using both hands and brains. In the process of using a summary material, you can directly understand various materials and materials, and better understand the shape and quantity of various materials And so on, and gain the knowledge and experience of using various materials in the structure, and the children's design and thinking skills can also be exercised. “

Name: Children's mini drone
Type: Aircraft
Applicable people: unlimited
Featured functions: LED lighting, 360-degree rollover, intelligent speed control, intelligent light control, one-button shooting
Remote control method: handle
Color: blue green orange

▲Hovering and 360° automatic rotation: The drone has 4 powerful rotating motors built in, which can provide 360° rotation power. When flying at a certain level, there is also a high hover. If you do not operate within 4-5 seconds, the drone will descend slightly and hover again. Super cool
▲Rechargeable battery and bright LED indicator: The flying miniature quadcopter has a built-in rechargeable 3.7V / 300mAh lithium battery, it only takes 40 minutes to fully charge and fly for 5-8 minutes. It also has a 2-speed model, with a green light indicating normal speed and a blue light indicating faster speed. The night-flying drone with LED indicator is also beautiful
▲Sturdy and special aircraft body: This UAV is made of high-grade, non-toxic ABS material, light weight, strong flexibility and collision resistance.
▲A good gift for children: altitude hold function, you can release the throttle and the drone will maintain the current altitude. Three-stage speed control, super simple control. Excellent drone for beginners and hobbyists.


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