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Quadlabs has introduced the most versatile and dynamic cinelifter on the market for professional cinematic first person view (FPV). Conceived and perfected on the set by Gabriel Kocher and Andy Shen. The Siccario (Sicc) X8 places the payload, your camera, at the center of the drone in order to minimize the rotational inertia and thus achieve an exceptionally smooth and stable flight. Siccario is the first of its kind to give the camera the attention it needs, plus placement and adjustable angles that are not compromised by the needs of the platform it’s on. Leaving traditional construction practices aside, the specially developed Arching Arm Design and x8 engine configuration provide redundancy in a lightweight design with a compact wheelbase that is smaller than any other Cinelifter platform currently available.


  • Designed and matched to the Zcam and Red Komodo cameras to bring you the dynamic versatility of the latest compact S35 or full frame body and lens combinations
  • The X8 design allows for a stable but powerful thrust transmission to create recordings with a smooth and smooth transition from low speed to over 100 km / h (depending on the load), capturing every haunted moment with that of high-end movie content record the required production quality
  • Adjustable camera mount from -20 ° to 40 ° (-18 ° for Komodo)
  • Custom camera mounting plate and damper (cheese plate) designed and tested by Gab and Andy for the best overall performance with any box size camera and stabilization method including optimization for SteadXP
  • 6s powered, makes sourcing and traveling with or shipping batteries less of a problem and OPTIONAL Thunder Power batteries, built and shipped straight from the factory, ensure you always have the power you need
  • Single battery design standardizes your power source needs using an XT90-AS connector
  • Versatile propeller combinations from 7 “Bi-Blade to combinations of Tri-Blades and Bi-Blades up to 8” can be used for dynamic versatility
  • 3-6 minutes flight time depending on payload and battery combination (3300-4000mAh 6s recommended with Zcam and Komodo)
  • Can carry payloads of 1-2 kg (2-4.5 #), recommended and optimized for 1.5 kg
  • Optional hardware and configurable accessories for controlling and powering cameras
  • DJI Digital FPV System to ensure the best optics and ensure you get the shot without compromise
  • Fully assembled, tested, and tuned (in the US) for Zcam and Komodo with custom tuning sessions from UAV Tech available for different charges and environments
  • Update services (FREE WORK for repairs and / or upgrades) gets you back in the air or upgrades and repairs and you only pay for shipping plus parts OPTIONAL
  • Hard shell drone case OPTIONAL

Technical specifications:

Drone voltage 6s (25V)

Prop Size-7 “(8” can be used in certain charging processes)

Motor – 2806.5 1300 kV

ESC – Dual 4 Channel 60amp ESCs

Video Transmitter – DJI Digital FPV

Receiver – Optional Crossfire or DJI SBus

Battery connector XT90-AS

Flight Controller – F7 Dual Gyro Betaflight Customized and set up

Weight 900 g (only drone)

*** Production is expected to begin at the end of September 2020 and will be delivered in the order of the units secured by this pre-order in mid-October 2020 The first batch is a limited production run that increases with demand to ensure that shipping times are not extended when units are sold.

Base BNF Siccario:

X8 SiccarioDrone with 1 set of props

1x mounting plate for Zcam or Komodo (selectable)

DJI or TBS Diversity Nano Receiver (selectable)

UltraPower UP6 charger (with XT90 adapters)

Basic RTF Siccario:

X8 Siccario drone with 1 set of props

1x mounting plate for Zcam or Komodo (selectable)

DJI or TBS Diversity Nano Receiver (selectable)

DJI glasses and radio (DJI or TBS Tango 2 radio system selectable)

Goggle battery (2000mah 4s)


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