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Quantum-Systems GmbH and Pix4D have signed a contract to make their partnership official and to simplify daily operations for common customers.

If youGilching, Germany, and Prilly, Switzerland, 2020. Experts around the world rely on eVTOL UAVs from Quantum-Systems and the Pix4D software suite to capture and post-process air data. The partnership between the two companies offers real added value for the daily operation of drone users in the areas of mining, agriculture and forestry, surveying and mapping, energy and supply. With the existing partnership agreement, users can now purchase the Pix4D software suite directly and through Quantum Systems’ resellers.

Efficient air data acquisition with different payloads

The Trinity F90 + is an eVTOL card drone for professionals. With a flight time of up to 90 minutes, it can cover areas of up to 700 ha per flight with a GSD of 3.2 cm per pixel at 120 m AGL. The Trinity F90 + UAV can be combined with a variety of payload options, including RGB and multispectral (double) payloads.

The Trinity F90 + is used by professionals around the world and sold through a global network that currently has 68 different resellers. The typical application consists of surveying and mapping in the areas of agriculture and forestry, mining and supply.

Pre-planning and monitoring of air survey missions with the QBase 3D software

Quantum-Systems also develops and markets its own software. QBase 3D is used for planning and monitoring missions and can perform the PPK processing of the collected survey data with an absolute accuracy of up to 2 cm.

QBase 3D automatically generates flight paths after the flight area and mission parameters have been defined with just a few clicks. It gives users control over their photogrammetric air survey mission and full coverage of the area of ​​interest.

Postprocessing of mission data

As soon as a mission is completed and the UAV has landed, the captured images can be imported into Pix4D. Quantum-Systems drones and the data generated during each mission are generally independent of software and suppliers. With Pix4D, we can offer our customers an efficient, flexible and powerful software suite for post-processing that meets their requirements in daily operation in their industry.

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