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Save valuable processing time and improve the accuracy of your drone survey with DJI Terra, which is now 400% more efficient than before.

Regardless of whether it involves detailed inspections of complex systems or monitoring work on a construction site, drones are increasingly being used by various industries to collect high-resolution data safely, quickly and inexpensively. However, how you use this data and get the best value from it depends on the software you choose.

If you are just getting started building a drone program, you may want to choose your software before you even shop for hardware. After all, data is the most valuable aspect of drone ownership, and only the right drone mapping software can help unlock the true potential of your data.

Intuitive drone mapping platform

DJI Terra is an all-in-one solution for drone mapping that contains all the resources that surveyors or project managers need to plan, visualize, process and analyze aerial data. Fully compatible with DJI’s most compact and accurate low altitude map solutions – Phantom 4 RTK and P4 Pro – Terra is so intuitive and easy to use that you don’t need any prior training or surveyor experience to get the best of it .

Take mission planning, for example. Since Terra supports multiple route planning methods such as waypoint flight, 2D mapping and angled mission planning, it only takes a few clicks to automate complex missions. There are many adjustable parameters (altitude, speed, gimbal pitch angle, flight direction, etc.) that you can control to get the desired level of detail from your survey. Ground Control Points (GCPs) can be easily integrated for improved accuracy.

DJI Terra features

Real-time drone mapping

DJI Terra is also ideal for real-time mapping – a feature crucial for time sensitive missions where decisions must be made in minutes. You can use Terra to create 2D orthomosaic maps in flight with the drone, or you can quickly render and visualize a 3D point cloud of the mapped area to see if additional flights are required to fill in gaps in the model.


Data processing made easy

When the survey is complete, just get the SD card and connect it to your laptop to import the images for processing. Thanks to the fast processing function of Terra, you get detailed and accurate measurement results for every environment through high-resolution 2D orthomosaics and realistic 3D model reconstructions. The 3D models are fully navigable. So you can examine every feature of the model in detail or even view each photo of the model individually to locate critical elements in the real world.

For 2D maps, Terra’s algorithms are optimized for three reconstruction scenarios:

  • field: Designed to collect data from relatively flat land, e.g. B. from rice or wheat fields.
  • Urban: Designed for areas with buildings of different heights.
  • Fruit tree: Developed for orchards with large differences in height and altitude.

Various 2D and 3D analysis tools are also available that you can use to measure linear distances and surfaces or calculate inventory levels. Additionally, you can add annotation tags anywhere on the model to improve communication with the team on complex, long-term construction or infrastructure projects.

Terra laptop

DJI Terra: New Features and Capabilities

DJI continuously invests in improving the functionality and processing speed of Terra. The latest product update to drone mapping software focuses on quickly creating the most accurate representation of your assets, objects, environments and more.

More efficient than ever

With this new update, DJI Terra’s computing capability for large-scale reconstruction has improved significantly. Terra is now 400 percent more efficient than before. Whereas previously 1 GB of RAM was required to process 100 images from the Phantom 4 RTK, Terra can now process 400 images from the P4RTK with the same storage capacity.

To give you a comparison

Before: Terra would need 64 GB of RAM to convert 22,744 images into a high quality 3D model in 4 days

Now: Terra only needs 12 GB of RAM to perform the same task

This means that Terra can process more data on a single device than most of its competitors today. And your computer can do other things while Terra creates this stunning 3D model for you.

Transforming Terra

Accuracy like never before

The Enterprise team has also added support for various features that will greatly improve the accuracy of your maps and models. Some of the key features released in the new update are:

  • Support for third-party camera or PPK data processing where images are separated from the position and orientation system (POS). With the new update, the original POS data can be converted to the coordinate system before data processing to solve the problem of height inconsistency.
  • It is now possible to export aerotriangulation results in XML or DJI Terra format to third-party photogrammetry software. This includes support for applying external parameters to images to correct distortion.
  • The 3D model reconstruction now supports the inclined system with 5 cameras. So you can plan 5 flight routes to capture the same amount of data that you would have achieved with 5 cameras on a drone at the same time. The routes correspond to the 5 camera headings – down, forward, backward, left and right.
  • The semantic segmentation and the automatic generation of flight routes were activated for the 2D field reconstruction. And for those using multispectral sensors, support has been added for creating semantic maps, prescription maps and flight routes with different spray rates in 2D multispectral reconstruction.
  • Support for SuperMap point cloud reconstruction in S3MB has been added.
  • The fruit tree reconstruction scenario now supports manual planning, semi-automatic planning, and adjusting the accuracy of the terrain tracking.
  • For power industry users, brand new features have been added that specifically focus on automated mission planning and 3D reconstruction for power line inspections.

These updates offer impressive levels of detail and not only shorten the total survey time, but also enable an ecosystem with versatile data acquisition functions.

Success story: DJI Terra in cultural protection

A pioneer in digital preservation of historic buildings, Toppen Co recently discovered DJI Terra’s powerful capabilities while mapping the 400-year-old Karatsu Castle in Saga Prefecture, Japan. Read more about what Toppen surveyors learned from abandoning their conventional techniques for a complete enterprise drone mapping solution from DJI.

Karatsu Castle with drone

Start with DJI Terra

DJI Terra’s intuitive user interface not only gets the job done quickly and effectively, it also makes drone mapping services widely available. Because the drone mapping software is seamlessly synced with DJI’s Phantom 4 series – one of the most popular survey quality drones on the market – Terra allows you to get the best and most accurate results from your Phantom 4 RTK or Phantom 4 Pro series achieve to process the data.

To start a free trial, make a purchase, or request advice from an official DJI Enterprise reseller, please enter your details below.

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