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For the bag holder and Best Buy flyer, “ex parte” is Latin and means loosely translated
a backroom deal, or sometimes just good old-fashioned private, public rulemaking.

This RID thing is going to be great; Everyone at the FAA has promised the bag holder unrestricted BVLOS (no longer just the dutiful and rule-compliant drone zone with PrecisionHawk) and about flying people. Like getting the real keys to the kingdom, or at least the equivalent of sitting in the back seat of the 78 Scorpion-style Firebird sideburns!

For those of you who deal with draconian data collection, you get everything AOPA feared its members would use ADS-B.

Sure, they’re all about security until lobbying begins. And that’s not how it is in all of them
Sky King VFR flight plan has been saved. Kind of like how FPV got under the regulatory radar for the RC hobbyist. I don’t even think this would be doable in today’s clampdown climate, as all of RC’s unwavering friends have routinely relied on the hobbyists for a crack on a RID mandate. The payout is tight, maybe even in Santa Mao’s big red bag for some of you?

And who among you will not appreciate some profitable landing fees?

Hopefully some of us will be lucky enough to pay for Amazon’s infrastructure. Old Jeff Bezos just got a messy divorce, and the poor guy has lost his luck. Why would he have to pay when the FAA has a bag holder willing and ready to pay? This lucrative real estate photography market should offer enough landing fees to buy up radars like burritos at a street fair. Anyway, the ASH business plan is to log data for enforcement both in the future and in the past, and this data logging will not take place in China. (See FOIA # 1 below)

Would you like your RID to be counterfeit or hackable?

Everyone has a choice, and you can apparently go with either FAA enabled
The Chinese product mandate to strengthen the monopoly or door number two buys the aftermarket solution from Intel. Good news! The RID part of the T-Mobile subscription is free when you purchase the data package. It gives a guy warm cockles when he thinks of everyone just looking for the RC hobbyist. With all the love, AMA could even fire the ex-FAA guy who designed the problem in the first place? What kind of rub would buy the notion that the FAA wanted to regulate toys in order not to have to regulate them?

This Quantico RID demo was almost as good and exclusive as Kim’s 40th, but without the bikinis. (We don’t know for sure, as we haven’t seen the photos yet.) How did the cohorts privately develop technology solutions? Who was involved, did you get on the A-list? I’ve got FOIA the guest list, Jay Markle’s lyrics, and the list of Navy commercials at the gate. (See FOIA No. 2) As far as I know, there are no community-based standards (insert here), and the overseas companies got the boot of the LAANC provision. Come on man!

I smell some malarkey here, or at least some gimmick. Why the tight lips? (See FOIA 3)

Sampling for the final round of FOIA –

  1. The FAA’s ASH business plan on page 18 says: “Initiative: Promotion of UAS
    Security Oversight and Enforcement Compliance This initiative will establish
    a pilot program using available remote sensing or identification technologies
    for security monitoring from which potential investigations can be developed to make this possible
    FAA enforcement cases or educational work for operators who violate the FAA
    Regulations. Activity: Promote UAS compliance through security monitoring and
    Enforcement This activity will develop a mechanism for the public as well as for FSLTT
    to report the operation of unmanned aircraft that are suspected of violating applicable federal law
    Laws and regulations with data collection activities should initially be made in three cases
    Locations. Objective: To create a pilot program Create a pilot program using the options available
    UAS remote sensing or identification technologies for security surveillance. “The link is
    Here. https://www.faa.gov/about/plans_reports/media/2020/ash_business_plan.p
    At AUVSI Exponential, Michelle Root spoke about a similar plan called UAS Digital
    Investigation program. Your contact information is AXI Director, Office of
    Investigations Michelle Root, 202-267-1456, [email protected]
    I am requesting the CONOPS (Concept of Operations) document for the UAS Digital
    Examination program “
  2. I request any text messaging or messages in similar messaging applications
    in the form of text messages (such as Signal, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter
    DMs etc) relating to agency business sent or received by Jay Merkle in his cell
    Phone from March 2, 2020 to this today’s date, which is in the message the
    the following words:
    “Remote identification”
    “Ex parte”
    “GET RID OF”
    “Remote ID”
    “On the right side”
    Agency business text messages, by and large, include at least the following:
    all communications that would normally include federal records under 44 US states. § §
    3301 (a) (1) (A), which defines federal government records as “all recorded”
    Information. . . suitable for keeping by this agency or their legitimate ones
    Successor as evidence of the organization, functions, guidelines, decisions, procedures,
    Operations or other activities of or because of the United States government
    Informational value of the data in them[.]FOIA cannot be bypassed by mere conducting
    Agency business on privately owned devices.
  3. The FAA has released a summary of a remote ID demo
    on regulations.gov https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=FAA-2019-1100-
    It said, “If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call 844-
    FLY-MY-UA and add “Remote ID Demo” in the subject “
    I have some questions.
  4. Was it open to the public?
  5. Did anyone from the FAA put this on the federal register before it happened?
    Members of the public could attend?
  6. Why did the FAA organize this?
  7. Who in the FAA organized this?
  8. Why was it only open to law enforcement and security members?
  9. Can you send a copy of the invitation email to everyone?
  10. What was discussed during the demonstration?
  11. Was Casey Nair at the meeting?
  12. Was Jennifer Ambrose at the meeting?

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