Rouses Markets Checks Grocery Drone-Supply – Drones Information


Rouses Markets already offers personal shopping and delivery services that allow customers to shop online and receive deliveries in just one hour. However, Donny Rouse, CEO, strives to explore more convenient and innovative ways. “The delivery of drones offers the fastest and safest delivery shop to the door. We should be able to deliver food to customers within 30 minutes or less. It’s also cheaper, which means we can save customers time and money. “

According to Rhett Ross, CEO of Deuce Drone, Rouses Markets is an ideal test case for his company’s last-mile delivery solution due to its space requirements and commitment to be first in everything. “We look forward to working with Rouses Markets and changing the landscape of home delivery together.”

Deuce Drone’s impressive team of aerospace, construction and technology experts are leaders in meeting e-commerce needs. The company is responsible for the design of ADDIS, including the automated operation of the landing, loading and parcel handling systems. All parts of the drone and the associated activities of ADDIS meet or exceed federal, state and local regulations.

About Deuce Drone:

Deuce Drone solves the last mile delivery problem for stationary retailers by enabling drones to be shipped from existing stores. Deuce Drone uses customers’ current infrastructure and designs, builds and operates drone delivery systems. This turns retail stores into customer fulfillment centers. Deuce Drone, a portfolio company of Valuesetters, Inc., offers an affordable, technology-driven, same-day delivery solution that enables retailers to compete with major e-commerce providers.

About Rouses Markets:

With 64 stores on the Gulf Coast, Rouses Markets is one of the largest independent grocer and fastest growing family business in the United States. More than 7,000 employees serve customers in three states: Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The family-owned and operated company since 1960 is committed to local products, farmers and fishermen.

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