Scentroid DR2000 – RotorDrone


Scentroid’s new drone-based air quality analyzer DR2000 is a step forward in air quality monitoring and the environmental industry. With the assisted drone, she can analyze ambient air at heights of 125 meters above the ground, which was previously not possible. During the flight, several built-in sensors enable remote monitoring of a large number of chemical compounds (sensor variance based on the monitoring project).

The DR2000 flight laboratory provides a platform for performing impact assessments and air quality measurements for a variety of applications including monitoring fugitive emissions, flare emissions, detection of pipeline leaks, methane from landfills, agricultural or cannabis facilities, odor emissions, military or emergency applications , urban scanning, and more.

The DR2000 technology weighs 520 g and thus enables a diverse range of drones. Advances in sensor technology ensure highly stable and accurate readings, and our included DRIMS2 software provides a clear and precise date for environmental analysis.

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