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WASHINGTON – Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) today introduced the Drones Integration and Zoning Act (DIZA), a law that creates a legal framework for drones based on the principles of local governance and cooperative federalism.

“The FAA cannot practically or efficiently monitor millions of drones in every location across the country,” said Sen. Lee. Furthermore, its current legal position, which claims the regulator for every cubic inch of air in the US – including air just inches above American private property – is both unsustainable and illegal. In our constitutional system, states have sovereign police powers to rule over inherently local matters, including the protection of property, land use, privacy, abuse, and law enforcement. The best way to ensure public safety, protect property rights, and spark drone innovations is to empower those closest to the ground to make local decisions in real time. This is exactly what the law on the integration and zoning of drones does. “

DIZA seeks to balance the competing airspace agencies between the federal government and states by more clearly defining the limits of FAA authority over radio, as well as the appropriate scope of regulatory agency that federal and state governments exercise over drones operating in the United States. In particular, it protects the authority of states to impose time, place and behavior restrictions, while access to federal “navigable airspace” is not inappropriately prohibited. and it protects the local zoning agency of state, local or tribal governments to designate commercial take-off and landing zones for drones while continuing to facilitate interstate trade.

Read the full text of the invoice here.

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