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Senteras PHX ™ is a highly reliable, easy-to-use, hand-launchable fixed-wing drone that allows you to view live HD video and capture a variety of analytical data including booth count, weed detection and plant health with the latest variations on the Sentera Double 4K payload Sensors.

The PHX uses a new omnidirectional long-range communication link and has a range of more than 2 km. It explores large fields quickly and precisely and is ideal for experienced pilots. The PHX is the most powerful and top rated professional fixed-wing drone currently available.

The PHX is hot-swappable and accepts different types of sensors – including high-precision RTK GPS Double 4K sensor payloads.

Industry leading results:

  • Deep Analytics: The specially designed payload options allow you to perform stand counts, weed detection and plant health analyzes. PHX is the only fixed-wing drone that shows the number of stands and weed locations at the beginning of the growing season when it comes to action. Sentera’s FieldAgent ™ data analysis software enables PHX users to create accurate maps and make decisions on the edge of the field without an internet connection.
  • Long Range: Using an industrial grade omnidirectional communications link, the PHX can fly up to two miles or more away. This is helpful for users with BVLOS permissions and great for average users staying within the typical VLOS one mile range.
  • Quick Setup: With a small, lightweight plug and play communication box and streamlined pre-flight checklist, you can quickly and easily switch from setup to takeoff.
  • Multiple Payload Options: The PHX 2019 accepts the latest versions of Sentera Double 4K sensors, so you can collect more plant health data and gain deeper insights. Ultra-precise RTK GPS is an available option for all payloads of the PHX Double 4K sensor.

With a cruising speed of 35 miles per hour and an endurance of up to 59 minutes, the PHX can cover wide areas that other drones of the same size cannot. The PHX can collect data from 700 acres in a single flight.

Use the PHX RTK variant to achieve an accuracy of less than 5 cm and better accuracy with orthomosaics and 3D mapping and modeling products. You can do this without the need for surveyed ground control points or time-consuming post-processing of the GPS data. The dual band RTK payload is an ideal solution for surveying, farming and mapping customers who need to reliably and quickly collect precision data. It provides the PHX with real L1 / L2 RTK with several constellations. The latest offering from Sentera shakes the cost barrier for industrial RTK-enabled dual-frequency image collection.

view PHX literature.

Build your PHX. After selecting the PHX drone, add payload and accessory options to your order.

  • Two or more miles
  • Helps users meet fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide needs based on real-time data
  • Higher operational efficiency thanks to the possibility for operators to capture RGB, NIR, NDVI and NDRE images in a single flight (depending on the payload variant ordered)
  • Integrates seamlessly with Sentera FieldAgent ™ Web, mobile and desktop software to further increase efficiency
  • Option to add a thermal sensor to collect additional data such as irrigation information and plant and soil temperatures

(1) PHX drone
(1) Fly PHX application
(1) Ground data connection
(2) batteries
(1) charger
(1) Stubborn case

Orders with a billing or shipping address outside the United States should contact Sentera to place an order and complete payment by electronic transfer. Contact Sentera if you have any questions.

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