SG906 Professional 2 vs Mavic Mini: In-Depth Comparability Information


After we released ours ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 ratingWe have received a lot of news about how good this drone is and whether it is a better option than the DJI Mavic Mini. I have put this article together to make things clearer and to help you make the right decision.

Although the SG906 Pro 2 is advertised with a 4K camera and the Mavic Mini with only a 2.7K camera, the DJI drone can record with a higher resolution (2720 × 1530 @ 30fps versus 2048 × 1080 @ 25fps). While both drones use 3-axis mechanical stabilization, I found MM’s footage to be much smoother.

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ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 vs DJI Mavic Mini Comparison Chart

In the table below, I’ll try to compare the key specs of both drones. I have highlighted the SG906 Pro 2 with red and the Mavic Mini Shines with green.

Mavic Mini SG906 Pro 2
size Folded: 140 × 82 × 57 mm
Unfolded: 160 × 202 × 55 mm
Folded: 174 x 84 x 70 mm
Unfolded: 283 x 253 x 70 mm
Weight 249 grams 546 grams
camera 2720 ​​× 1530 at 30 fps 2048 × 1080 @ 25 fps
Maximum bit rate 40 Mbit / s N / A
Gimbal 3 axes 3 axes
FPV 720p N / A
Range 2 km for EC and 4 km for FCC 1.2 km
lighting 1 – on the tail 4 – one under each engine
Intelligent flight modes Dronie, missile, Circle and helix POI flight, orbit and follow me
Active tracking No No
Obstacle avoidance No No
Geo fence Yes No
Optical flow sensor Yes Yes
Second camera No Yes
remote control Standard, NO screen Default, Status screen
battery 2s / 2400 mAh 2S / 3400mah
Flight time 30 minutes 26 minutes
FAA registration No Yes
Regular price $ 399 $ 150

Battery life

Both drones are powered by two-cell batteries. While the SG906 Pro 2 has a 3400 mAh battery, the Mavic Mini only has a 2400 mAh battery. Despite the lower capacity battery, the MM has a flight time 4 minutes longer than its rival (30 minutes versus 26 minutes).


The Mavic Mini has two radio versions, FCC (4 km range) for the US market and CE (2 km range) for European customers. The SG906 Pro 2 has a standard 5 GHz WIFI connection and only has a range of up to 1200 meters and an FPV range of 800 meters.

When it comes to video downlink, these two drones take different approaches. While the SG906 Pro 2 transmits the live video feed directly to your phone, the Mavic Mini first sends it to the transmitter and then to your phone via a cable connection (USB or Lightning).


Personally, I found that Mavic Mini A very reliable drone with better battery life and superior flight range. In terms of image quality, the DJI drone also performs better than the ZLRC drone. Weighing just 249 grams, the Mavic Mini does not require FAA registration so you can start playing with it right away.

On the other hand, the ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 has a very affordable price. For the price of the Mavic MINI, you can buy two Beast Pro 2s with 3 batteries each.

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