Sky-Futures wins multi-year international telecoms contract for drone-based tower surveys – Drones Information


Sky-Futures Partners Ltd (an ICR company) has received a four-year global framework agreement for the provision of drone-based cell site surveys by a Scandinavian, multinational network and telecommunications company.

Under the contract, Sky-Futures must support the scope of work on a global level by using its operational bases in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and by using its ongoing experience in performing drone operations in 31 countries. The drone-based surveying service for mobile phone locations is part of the global network construction plan that supports the rapid growth in the development of the telecommunications network. As the network grows, so does the number of structures, and therefore the need for cell site surveys.

Chris Blackford, CEO of Sky-Futures, said: β€œTraditionally, performing cell site surveys requires a team with different skills and the need to climb the towers. With the introduction of drones, site surveys can now be conducted with a much smaller team to collect high quality data faster and more securely. “

As soon as the data has been collected, Sky-Futures uploads the data of the mobile phone location into AI-compatible cloud software (artificial intelligence) to support the global network development program. Engineers can then use 3D model tower data to make decisions from a remote desktop without having to make unnecessary site visits. Not only does this help improve health and safety, it also helps reduce costs by increasing the efficiency of the global network building program.

Sky-Futures is already working with tower owners and operators to conduct cell site surveys and integrity inspections. Maintaining the condition of these critical structures is critical to ensure smooth operation and reduce the risk of downtime.

With an established and respected reputation in the drone-based inspection and surveying market, this order win is another success for the accelerated growth that Sky-Futures has seen since it was acquired by ICR in May 2019.

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