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I think whoever has the keys to the Airmap Twitter account could hand them over.

The model aircraft community recently noticed an entry on monetizing airspace. There’s now a call to #boycottairmap

There is no doubt that both LAANC and Remote ID were basic requirements for compensation for all aircraft, be it private models flown with VLOS or commercial BVLOS.

LAANC and RID do nothing for safety. They don’t solve a problem that exists.

The call to boycott the Airmap app is going to be a little hollow as its data is used by various companies like Microsoft Ventures, Honeywell, and U-Space.

Here are some of the apps that Airmap use:

The internet has a long memory.

In the UK, Ian (FOIA man) Hudson has a handy dandy-edited letter from NATS (National Air Traffic Service) showing that Airmap has gone to press in the UK.

One would hope that data on flights to the UK would stay in the UK and never be sold.

But wait, maybe that won’t happen in Japan.

Perhaps it is time not to boycott Airmap but rather to ask your local regulators for accurate, honest information about their airspace intentions.

Some just panic and feel overwhelmed. When a man or woman in a nice suit offers an instant solution to all the fear-driven conspiracies of the CUAS and AAM industries. Those who make money for the boss will take this solution.

People who sell apps to do other tasks for their commercial or personal drone flights need to be honest too. If an Airmap API inflates their chunk slightly, are they really doing the right thing? Your data could be sold or used to sell things to you.

People are already answering, but LAANC apps are free, they have to get their money back somehow, and per flight that’s fair. That’s a bad argument, your data is the product.

This is how we get to where we are, greed and ignorance create gaps for sharks.

For those with a long memory, I love that the Airmap Crunchbase URL ends in noflyzone

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