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On National Manufacturing Day, we celebrate our people who enable us to build the most advanced autonomous drone on the market here in the US with the highest standards for quality, supply chain and cybersecurity. Skydio prides itself on designing, assembling and supporting our products in the USA. Domestic production is part of our DNA.

Skydio drones fly supercomputers – sophisticated devices that use computer vision and AI to understand their surroundings and fly themselves while avoiding obstacles. We believe there is no better place to build the world’s drones with the world’s most advanced AI than the nation that leads the world in AI – the United States. Our talented employees provide the necessary know-how to manufacture products with the reliability and quality our customers expect.

Designing, assembling and supporting products in the US is challenging, but it also offers a strong competitive advantage in terms of speed of innovation, product quality and safety. We are excited to see that our hard work pays off:

  • We ship more drones than any other US drone manufacturer
  • World class NPS at 63
  • Our enterprise and defense product, the Skydio X2, has been selected by the US Department of Defense’s Blue Drones program as a trusted drone platform for federal, state and local government agencies. Skydio X2 meets the high levels of supply chain and cybersecurity that Congress needed for military drones under the National Defense Authorization Act last year.

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As with our engineering and go-to-market teams, we build world-class manufacturing and supply chain talent and skill based on the expertise of seasoned experts. Olek Lorenc, Head of Manufacturing, joined Skydio in 2017 after spending several years at Rockwell Automation bringing next generation industrial sensors and safety products into mass production in factories across North America and Europe.

Shea Anderson joined Skydio in April 2020, leading our supply chain organization with a focus on developing best-in-class processes and scaling a team to support Skydio’s growing presence in manufacturing. Prior to Skydio, Shea had an extensive supply chain career that was heavily focused on strategic sourcing as well as scaling new products in the electric vehicle space. Shea spent 4 years in global procurement at US Steel, more than 3 years at Tesla scaling the supply chain for Model 3, and most recently assisting Lyft in scaling its micromobility business.

“Skydio is developing a first-class production base. Our growing team has built a safe and sustainable supply chain that can support the growing demand for the world’s most advanced autonomous drones, ”said Shea Anderson, Supply Chain Manager.

“Ultimately, quality is the top priority for our team. We have implemented strict processes to thoroughly test all of our products. We perform in-depth inspections of quality critical features, quality checks in-process, over three hundred automated tests, and rigorous outbound quality controls including cosmetic inspections. “Olek Lorenc, Head of Manufacturing.

Robust domestic manufacturing capabilities will not only support the economy by creating more jobs, but will also better serve the needs of our country’s war fighters, first responders, businesses and consumers.

We prove every day that U.S. companies can not only compete but win by developing and manufacturing innovative software-defined hardware domestically powered by industry-leading AI and autonomy.


COO @SkydioHQ, former COO @SignalFx, operating partner @ a16z, VP WW Field Ops / Sales at HP Software, Aster Data, Opsware & PTC.

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