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Canandaigua, NY – July 2020 – SkyOp LLC, a leading provider of training and use of drone technology, announced that it has set up a new corporate enterprise advisory department to take advantage of the drone technology for large companies. With its commercial UAV training department and work implementing curriculum at high schools and colleges, SkyOp has helped numerous customers master the intricacies of creating and scaling complex drone programs. With the launch of its Enterprise Drone Consultancy, SkyOp is meeting the growing demand from companies that want to develop and use UAV technology to achieve competitive advantages and effective results for occupational safety. SkyOp has developed a number of free evaluation tools that allow program specialists to develop a tailored implementation strategy to help executives apply drone technology to their specific needs. Interested companies can access the free evaluation tools at

With years of experience, SkyOp can help companies evaluate drone applications, establish the necessary internal compliance and policy procedures, and maximize the competitive advantage that UAVs can offer. As companies attempt to limit personal interactions throughout their operations due to the Covid 19 outbreak, drones can help reduce risk, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and productivity, and even open up entirely new sources of income for a company . However, many corporate decision-makers need help to determine exactly how drones can impact their business, how to build or scale a program, and, most importantly, how their drone investment pays off consistently.

Proprietary cloud-based guide tools

SkyOp’s Ultimate Drone Reference Guide, which originally served as a platform for its interactive curriculum, has become a unique tool that SkyOp specialists use to guide companies through the complex process of realizing the benefits of air drones for a unique business model . This proprietary cloud-based platform offers a unique collection of industry expertise, from the initial idea for drone applications to the development of business practices in line with local, state, and federal regulations, to the creation of internal pilot training and data analysis functions.

“SkyOp can help companies eliminate the guesswork when assessing the business impact of a drone program,” said Brian Pitre, founder and CEO of SkyOp LLC. β€œMost of the time, the idea for a company-wide program begins with an engineer or industrial inspection specialist who recognizes the value of UAVs but needs some expertise to secure his position in the C-Suite. Our assessment tools and the first insights that our specialists can provide free of charge are invaluable to those who see the inherent competitive advantage that drones can bring to their respective areas. “

Overcome the Covid 19 world

SkyOp is also rapidly expanding its flight training capabilities for virtual drones to meet the unique demands placed on the industry by the current Covid-induced travel and social distance restrictions. These new features not only enable individual customers of pilot tuition and curricula for institutional curricula to seamlessly advance student learning, but also ensure that corporate customers are still able to develop and use drones, regardless of public restrictions Health in personal lessons.

“In this time when it is advisable to ensure social distance, we have developed an effective alternative to classroom instruction with distance learning tools for our customers and partners,” said Pitre. β€œWhile we routinely support our institutional educators and drone trainers from afar, we continue to meet the evolving needs of this pandemic by reinventing the way we offer some of our lessons. Thanks to our robust flight training function for virtual drones, SkyOp can continue our strict curricula unhindered regardless of future restrictions. “

Competitive advantages of drones

The FAA predicts that nearly a million commercial drones will be in use in the U.S. alone by 2023.1 In general, the public is familiar with UAVs used by the media or for public safety applications, but also some future-oriented ones Industrial sectors have had great success. Success when using aerial work platforms. Within the energy sector, drones inspect power transmission lines, wind turbines, solar panels, etc., and innovative construction companies often use UAV platforms for site preparation, inspection, project monitoring, etc. Just like drone technology, SkyOp can reduce the time it takes to Turn data into decisions and can help its corporate customers turn UAV technology into truly business-enhancing competitive advantages.

“A recent market report showed that 88% of new drone users achieved positive ROI within a year or less,” said Pitre. β€œHowever, the key to realizing this result is to eliminate the bumps from the first application idea to the program delivery. With our enterprise drone consultancy, unique assessment tools and cloud-based platforms, we are able to provide the necessary guidance for the massive creation of a UAV program so that companies can see the business impact of drones in the middle of the Covid- 19 restrictions. “

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