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Drone delivery service provider Skyports is partnering with Australian drone health logistics company Swoop Aero to offer a UK drone delivery service.

Drone delivery service provider Skyports has teamed up with Australian drone health logistics company Swoop Aero to offer a UK drone delivery service.

In the UK, Skyports has chosen to leverage Swoop Aero’s comprehensive aviation platform and 3D printed electric drones to provide a wide range of services, including the delivery of primary health care for the National Health Service (NHS) to remote areas.

With hospitals and NHS workers in capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic, inter-hospital shipments are essential for the provision of basic health care. With the support of the Swoop Aero platform, Skyports’ on-demand service enables the transportation of high-quality, perishable cargo such as vaccines, medication and pathology samples.

Skyports specializes in the operation of end-to-end drone deliveries in the medical, e-commerce and logistics sectors. The company is already making medical drone deliveries to help the NHS in Scotland fight COVID-19 and will expand its service in the coming months. Skyports also assists Royal Mail with delivery to the most remote parts of the UK. The Swoop Aero platform is the latest in Skyports’ growing fleet of world-leading unmanned aerial vehicles.

Swoop Aero is a drone logistics company with offices in five countries in Africa and the Pacific. At its core, the company offers a highly developed platform for drone technology that covers the entire range of autonomous aviation services. For Skyports, this includes operations and mission management, software and handshake integration into existing logistics management systems, ground control, aircraft and hardware.

Duncan Walker, Skyports CEO, said: β€œThere is a great opportunity in the UK for drone delivery services – now more than ever. The demand for goods delivered is increasing and our service will support a wider network of hospitals and medical practices that continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want more healthcare facilities to benefit from our service in the long term. With the addition of the Swoop Aero platform, we can expand our offering nationwide

Eric Peck, CEO of Swoop Aero, said, β€œThe Swoop Aero partnership model is designed to give companies access to our comprehensive platform for drone technology. We are thrilled that we can empower Skyports to serve those most in need during the pandemic. This approach makes us unique and we pride ourselves that our technology is delivering better health outcomes at this important time. “

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