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SOARIZON by Thales, Europe’s leading provider of drone operations and compliance management technologies, and Consortiq, leading UAS consulting and training provider, have joined forces to provide companies and organizations with the best possible advice, operational support and training.

Typically, developing and executing a drone program for businesses can be expensive, time-consuming, and risk management-related challenges without proper guidance. Other challenges, such as a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, appropriate governance, and operational processes and procedures, are essential to ensure that every drone operation is carried out efficiently, safely, and compliant.

The new alliance removes these obstacles for companies and the leading drone companies of companies with the combined performance and detailed know-how of SOARIZON and Consortiq.

Consortiq has a wealth of expertise in advising and supporting UAS. With a proven track record of collaborative support for organizations that enables them to securely create a UAS program framework that covers everything from security audits and disclaimers to industry reports and operational security development. In addition, Consortiq offers high quality training services, including the new A2 CofC and GVC courses.

SOARIZON offers a digital platform from a single source, with which companies can plan, track and save all relevant information in a central system. From consistent mission planning to the maintenance of current archives with flight logs, equipment and risk assessments. A single point of record for all drone operations with workflows to ensure consistency across drone operations across the enterprise.

As a product of Thales, a global leader in digital security with an established heritage in the aerospace industry, companies using SOARIZON can guarantee absolute data security, full compliance and verifiability.

Benjamin Orcan, partnership and innovation manager at SOARIZON, said about the collaboration:
“Consortiq represents the highest quality of UAS consulting services and is at the forefront of some of the most innovative projects in the industry. We are pleased to welcome Consortiq to our industry leading partner ecosystem. “

Gareth Beverley, COO of Consortiq, said: “SOARIZON offers the industry significant added value, low risk and an extremely responsive and much needed skill set. Together, our collaboration offers professional aerospace capability with expertise in all aspects of unmanned aerial systems. “

He added: “This alliance enables our customers to focus on capturing high quality aerial photography, data acquisition and analytics to meet the needs of telecommunications, infrastructure, security, surveillance and other industries and applications. We look forward to working together to make it easier and safer for our customers. “

The two companies will work together to promote and help ensure safe and compliant UAS operations
Organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their drone programs.

About SOARIZON from Thales:

SOARIZON enables scaled UAS operations through its secure, compliant and efficient ecosystem. SOARIZON combines world-class mapping capabilities, airspace information, including global NOTAMs, and comprehensive risk assessment tools, enabling companies of all sizes to have a complete view of all drone operations, from planning to approval and delivery.

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About Consortiq:

We have dedicated teams in London in the UK and Annapolis, Maryland in the US.
We are made up of experienced and passionate aviation and training professionals with experience in both civil and military aircraft and ATM areas. As a British CAA National Qualified Entity (NQE), which will soon be a recognized assessment body (RAE) and a Level 3 organization of the AUVSI Trusted Operator Program (TOP), we have a proven history of excellent training and consulting services. Safety is at the heart of everything we do.

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