Sony Electronics Pronounces Expanded Functionality of Digital camera Distant Software program Improvement Package (SDK) for Third Social gathering Builders – Drones Information


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New version 1.01 enables commercial clients to add a Linux operating system and new functions for remote camera control

Sony Electronics Inc. has announced an updated version 1.01 for its Camera Remote Software Development Kit that extends the functionality and versatility of the SDK for developers and integrators.

Sony, the industry leader in both full-frame and mirrorless cameras, has released the SDK since February of this year based on the keen interest of commercial customers in its camera production, and has continued to expand the solution since its launch.

Thanks to the additional Linuxi compatibility, the new SDK version 1.01 enables improved functionality with professional drone applications. The new software also extends the remote control functions compared to the camera settings. New features that address the workflow for a variety of professional and commercial industries such as security, entertainment, and many others include:

  • Possibility to adjust the focus magnifier setting
  • Use the advanced focus area setting when using AF area position
  • The zoom can be set using the functions zoom type status, zoom scale and zoom bar information
  • Make detailed white balance (WB) settings, including: Custom WB, AutoWB (AWB) lock, two-axis fine-tuning, and image effect.
  • Control media size, flash, and interval shooting
  • Adjustable frame rate or file format for video recordings

“The voice of our customers is critical to every aspect of our imaging business,” said Neal Manowitz, vice president of Sony Imaging Products and Solutions Americas at Sony Electronics. “We will continue to develop our SDK to meet the growing needs of our commercial customers and ultimately enable them to capture, measure and build in ways they have never been able to.”

Rand Knight, senior advisor for Visual Intelligence, an industry-leading software and sensor technology company that uses drones to provide accurate geometric metrics for bridges, towers, and many other structures, said: β€œThe ability to use remote control of the Sony a7R IV completely changed our business. The efficiency that can be used with the Linux-based SDK not only saves time and computing power, but also enables precise and repeatable results that can be used for high-precision 3D models. “

Tabb Firchau, founder and president of Freefly Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced camera motion systems for aerial photography, added: β€œWith SDK version 1.01, the ability to remotely control all of these additional camera settings makes a big difference for our filmmaker customers. From a distance of several thousand meters, you can adjust your recording perfectly to adapt it to the appearance of the project, thereby minimizing stress and post-production requirements. “

Support for the Sony SDK will also expand to Canada on July 16. SDK version 1.01 is available now and can be downloaded HERE.

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