SpearUAV expands its Ninox Household, Unveiling the Ninox 40 Handheld – Drones Information


SpearUAV – an innovative company that develops and delivers unique UAS solutions for defense and HLS applications – introduces its handheld version of the Ninox 40, which was introduced just two months ago. This revolutionary encapsulated drone system offers instant launch and provides instant tactical capabilities for any tactical unit, even if it is not equipped with a 40mm grenade launcher or other specialized equipment.

With its unique start system, the Ninox40 handheld can now provide extended functions
Skills for a variety of law enforcement agencies such as the police – for use in public safety and law and order applications, prison services – for handling disruptions or prison attempts, border guards – for situational awareness and securing sensitive infrastructure, and more.

Like the Ninox 40 microtactic drone system, the Ninox 40 handheld does not require deployment. The system includes an encapsulated drone and a control unit; When launched at high speed, the drone instantly unfolds and stabilizes in the air without the need for operator intervention.

It was specially developed for single-user use and weighs less than 250 g – within the framework of legal regulations – light enough to be worn in the soldier’s vest during combat.

The benefits include:

Mission Flexibility – Ninox 40 handheld systems can be carried by any number of users
in a unit, according to the mission requirements, with full ISTAR capability without
be dependent on other weapons or special equipment.

Safe and intuitive – the Ninox 40 handheld is easy to use without any special training.
Immediately ready for use – The fully robust starter capsule can be worn in a vest
or in a vehicle or stored as it is to be launched immediately in the field during a mission without the need for special maintenance or preparation.

The Ninox 40 handheld has a flight capacity of up to 40 minutes, extensive ISTAR functions, a day and night camera for better situational awareness and automatic tracking. It can be started on the go and undercover.

β€œThe new Ninox 40 handheld complements the Ninox family of unique capsule drones
The breakthrough technology developed in-house at SpearUAV with the aim of transforming the battlefield and giving ground forces advanced and immediate capabilities, ”said Gadi Kuperman, founder and CEO of SpearUAV. β€œThis is the first drone in the world that is manually launched from a capsule, giving both combat soldiers and law enforcement HLS powers
Situation awareness of the prison staff in seconds for every mission on site. We are developing the system to meet the specific needs of our customers and new versions are already being tested on site. “

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