Stardrone Octopus on Diatone GTB33-SD body


Honestly, aside from the hand-painted canopy (which certainly can’t improve flight performance), I don’t understand why this Stardrone Octopus FPV drone is so expensive. For $ 349.00, there are many other quads with better specs.

The 130 mm Diatone GTB33-SD ​​frame is equipped with GEPRC 1105 5000KV motors and Gemfan 3016 propellers. According to the technical data, you can have up to 14 minutes of flight time with a 3S / 550 mAh battery.

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The Runcam Nano 2 FPV camera is coupled with a powerful TBS PRO32 nano 5.8G video transmitter (VTX). Depending on your needs, you can switch between 25, 100 and 400 mW transmission power.


Functions and technical data of the Stardrone Octopus Quadcopter

  • Diatone GTB33-SD ​​130mm frame;
  • Unknown flight controller;
  • GEPRC 20A x4 BLS 96 kHz ESC card;
  • Runcam Nano 2 FPV camera (2.1mm lens, NTSC)
  • TBS PRO32 nano 5.8G VTX (adjustable power from 25/100 / 400mW);
  • GEPRC 1105 5000KV with Gemfan 3016 propellers;
  • Hand-painted canopy cartoon character (4 color options);
  • Optional radio receiver Frsky R-XSR or Nano RX (SE);
  • 3S LIPO compatible, 550 mAh HV recommended;
  • 5-14 minutes of battery life.

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