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Australian drone health logistics company Swoop Aero was named an ABA100 winner at the Australian Business Awards 2020 for product innovation. The Australian Business Awards (ABA) recognize the national and international achievements of Swoop Aero that recognize our first-class business initiatives and innovations.

Eric Peck, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Swoop Aero, confirmed this::

“We are proud to receive the Australian Business Awards for Product Innovation of the Year. The award recognizes Swoop Aero’s achievements in the research and development of the proprietary Swoop Aero drone. Our logistics infrastructure has been trusted by some of the largest players in the global healthcare sector, including UNICEF, the Gates Foundation, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, USAID and UKAID. Our company is growing rapidly as we are on our way to reaching 100 million people with sustainable drone logistics by 2025. “

Eric Peck, CEO of Swoop Aero

The Swoop Aero logistics platform enables seamless access to the sky through the use of a fleet of autonomous aircraft. The drones can each carry 3 kilograms of cargo, meaning “on-demand” supplies are delivered to the intended recipient with speed, precision and care, thereby strengthening the healthcare supply chain and increasing the availability and availability of essential supplies, and therefore dramatically it improves the health outcomes of the communities in which they operate.

Swoop Aero has the world’s leading air logistics platform and recently launched the world’s largest network for medical drone delivery in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Operating in a remote archipelago is the be-all and end-all of the company, as its first operations were launched in 2018 in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu and have since been active in emerging and developing countries from Malawi to Australia.

ABA recognizes organizations like Swoop Aero that demonstrate the core values ​​of business innovation, product innovation, technological performance and employee engagement. “Each year, the ABA100 winners are recognized for successfully developing new and improved products and services, and implementing business processes to improve efficiency and performance,” he said Ms. Tara Johnston, Program Director, Australian Business Awards.

Ms. Tara Johnston, Program Director, Australian Business Awards said;

“A culture of continuous improvement consists of incremental initiatives and innovations to achieve best practices. An innovative work approach also appeals to employees with a higher degree of creativity and lateral thinking and helps companies to hold onto their best talents. “

Ms. Tara Johnston, Program Director, Australian Business Awards

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