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The use of drones in agriculture has grown in size and momentum as it can save time and money while improving crop yields. Most multicopters, however, are not powerful enough to cover large cultivated areas or plantations. In the best case, electric multicopters offer flight times of 10 to 25 minutes with a charge capacity of 20 liters, forcing the pilot to bring several batteries to the field and losing most of the time charging.

The Drone4agro team announced today that they will be working with Loweheiser, an engine manufacturer, to develop a range extender for its 6-meter spray drone. We cannot predict the future, but this seems highly revolutionary.

The companies are working together on an efficient solution to deal with the weight. By building a 6 meter wide drone, the load capacity is improved. With this groundbreaking innovation, farmers can have the drone carry 50L of spray, preferably organic, and only stop to refill their drone.

The solution is to install a range extender on the drone that uses fuel instead of electric batteries. This greatly simplifies operation by eliminating the need for multiple battery chargers. Everything is replaced by a range extender that contains a two-stroke engine that is coupled to an electrical generator. The battery change is replaced by a simple refilling of the fuel tank, which is only carried out every 5 flights, so that the time at the stop to recharge the fungicide liquid is reduced to a few seconds.

In the end, the consumer can save the cost of batteries and battery replacement when they reach the end of their useful life.

About Drone4Agro and Loweheiser:

Drone4Agro is a start-up in the Netherlands that makes drones for agriculture for many uses like spraying, fertilizing, sowing, etc. The company focuses on drones that can lift from 5 to 100 liters. This team first works out the customer needs (e.g. drone with 80 liter payload and spraying 5 ha per hour). Once the concept is established, a meeting is arranged with the customer to discuss the development of the prototype, which will be built and tested before it is delivered to the customer.

Loweheiser is a company focused on electronic fuel injection UAV engines and electronic fuel injection conversion kits for UAV engines. Loweheiser develops and manufactures small, lightweight fuel injection systems for 2-stroke, 4-stroke and Wankel engines. Loweheiser EFI ensures optimal engine performance and reliability, lower consumption and adaptability to a greater altitude range.

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